How Rates are Calculated

About Council Rates

Council provides a wide range of services, which benefit the community. These services include managing and maintaining expensive infrastructure such as:

  • Local roads
  • Libraries
  • Sports complexes
  • Childcare centres
  • Parks and playgrounds

Council also provides:

  • Planning and development assessment
  • Waste collection
  • Economic development

Council partly funds these services through their statutory power to charge Council rates.


Council's Rating Structure

The base amount is fixed and is the same for all assessments. Ad Valorem amount is calculated by multiplying the Land Value by the Rate in the Dollar.

These are found in Council's document - Part 3 - Hills Shire Plan Resourcing Strategy.

How Rates Are Calculated infographic.png

In addition to ordinary rates, waste and stormwater management charges may apply. These can be found in our Document: Part 5 – Hills Shire Plan Fees & Charges’.