Controlling Weeds & Privet


Spring Weed Spraying

During Spring Council officers spray sporting fields, reserves and parks for:

  • Bindii
  • Clover and
  • Broadleaf weeds

This is part of Council's ongoing maintenance program.

The spray used is Spearhead – a herbicide that considered safe to walk on once dry. Council officers will remain on site until this is the case.

Council's Pesticide Use Notification Plan and Calendar is available here.


Problematic Privet

Privet is a weed that dominates bushland areas in the Shire. Privet loves moist and fertile environments.

Declared a Class 4 priority weed the growth of the plant must be managed that

  • reduces its numbers, spread and incidence and
  • inhibits its reproduction

Fact Sheet - Controlling Privet(PDF, 2MB)

If you think you have privet and would like to get it identified, take a sample to a local nursery or to the Community Environment Centre on a Thursday.

For more information on how to best control Privet on your property, contact Council's Bush Regeneration Officer on +61 2 9843 0555.


Weed Management in the Hills

Under the Biosecurity Act 2015, Hawkesbury River County Council (HRCC) is the Local Control Authority for the cities of:

  • Hawkesbury
  • Blacktown
  • The Hills and
  • Penrith

HRCC has a legal obligation to manage the biosecurity risk posed by reducing the impact of Priority Weeds.


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