Smoke Free Policy

Smoke-free Outdoor Dining

From 6 July 2015, new laws have come into effect making commercial outdoor dining areas smoke-free. Smoking is not permitted in a commercial outdoor dining area:

This means:

  • All forms of smoking will be banned in any seated outdoor dining area of a restaurant, café or licensed venue while food is being served
  • Within 4 metres of a seated dining area on licensed premises or at a restaurant
  • Within 10 metres of a place at a food fair where food is sold or supplied for consumption

NSW Health are responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Smoke Free Environment Act 2000.  Penalties of up to to $550 for individuals who breach this Act and $5500 for businesses apply

To report a breech please call NSW Health 1800 357 412

For further information, please see the NSW Health Commercial Outdoor Dining Information and Fact Sheets.


Smoke free playgrounds

Council has adopted a policy of smoke free playgrounds, playing fields and sporting grounds by imposing a ban on smoking within 10 metres of a playground, playing field and sporting ground while residents are participating in sport and recreation.

 The aim of this ban is to protect residents from the effects of passive smoking and second-hand smoke by way of educating the community rather than active enforcement.

Research indicates that passive smoking is bad for your health and especially the health of young children.

Environmental tobacco smoke (also known as second-hand smoke, passive smoking) is made up of smoke released from burning tobacco and smoke exhaled by smokers. With over 40 known carcinogens and other chemical irritants, involuntary inhalation by children can lead to adverse health effects.

Passive smoking can harm children

Children are particularly vulnerable to environmental tobacco smoke because of their smaller airways and immature immune systems. The Hills Shire Council has taken steps to ensure that children are not exposed to these harmful chemicals by declaring that smoking is prohibited on all sporting fields and within 10 metres of a sporting field.