Planning Agreements & Works-in-Kind Agreements - Policies & Templates

Council’s Planning Agreement Policy, Works-in-Kind Policy and associated templates are now in effect.

The policies and templates transparently document, standardise and clarify Council’s procedures for the receipt, assessment, negotiation and processing of offers from developers to enter into Planning Agreements or Works-in-Kind Agreements.

The policies are primarily procedural and seek to ensure that Council’s use of these agreements continues to be clear and transparent for all parties affected (including developers, Council and the broader community) and provide guidance with respect to the strategic context in which these agreements are negotiated and how the public benefits offered by developers will be considered and assessed.

The templates have been prepared to assist Proponent’s and Applicant’s with the preparation of these agreements. The templates are a standardised format and their use is expected under the Policies to ensure consistency and simplicity in the consideration and administration of these agreements.

Copies of the templates are provided below.

Planning Agreement Template(DOCX, 126KB)

Works-in-Kind Agreement Template(DOCX, 122KB)


Council’s Planning Agreement Policy and Works-in-Kind Policy are also available to view on the Policy Register page.