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Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

At The Hills Shire Council we expect everyone to be treated with respect, dignity and equity at all times. We strive to be our best and ensure that we are an organisation that promotes the principles of fairness and equity in everything that we do. 

Council is committed to complying with legislative requirements to ensure that it provides equal employment opportunity, for all employees without discrimination against race, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or impairment.

Council promotes recruitment best practices to ensure people are selected on merit and because they are the best person for the job.

This equal employment opportunity extends to the hiring, promotion, transfer, training, education and employment conditions for all prospective and existing employees. However, Council may, on occasion, seek approval from the relevant authority to commence and implement a targeted recruitment strategy. 

Council aims to be an employer of choice to attract, recruit and retain employees of a diverse background with a diverse range of talents to help Council to better service our stakeholders and community.

Council seeks to create an environment where people of all diverse backgrounds and capabilities can use their skills to their fullest potential. 

Council is also committed to complying with the Disability Inclusion Act 2014. The Act requires government agencies to develop a Disability Action Inclusion Plan. One of the main objectives of this plan is to promote and support people with a disability to access meaningful employment at Council. 

Council understands and recognises that our people are critical to success and a commitment to the principles of equal employment is a responsibility that should be practiced by everyone across the organisation. 


Michael Edgar 

General Manager – The Hills Shire Council