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This page provides information on your weekly bin collection days for alternating Yellow Recycling and Green Garden Organics.
Garbage is collected weekly and all collections continue on public holidays.


For more information on How to Place Your Bin for Collection or for a list of Acceptable and Unacceptable items for Collection visit 'Your Waste Service'. 

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The Hills Shire Digital Waste & Recycling Wall Calendar

The Hills Shire Council produces and delivers an annual Waste and Recycling Calendar to help residents keep track of recycling weeks and waste collection days.

The Hills Shire Council’s 2024 Waste and Recycling Calendar is currently being distributed.

Download a digital copy of the 2024 Calendar

The calendar includes information specifically for your residential area (You can check if you are in Area One or Area Two here). 

The Hills Shire Waste & Recycling Calendar 2024 (Low Resolution - Smaller File Size)(PDF, 15MB)

The Hills Shire Waste & Recycling Calendar 2024 (High Resolution Version)(PDF, 133MB)


For more information about the calendar please contact the Customer Contact Centre on 02 9843 0555.

Please read if you live in a unit complex

If you live in a unit complex and share your bins, please search for the address of the complex, not your individual unit. Alternatively, contact your building manager to confirm the bin collection schedule for the complex.

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