Sporting Club Allocation Information

Sporting Club Information

Council handles the planning and management of all recreational facilities within The Hills. This includes the use of parks, reserves and sports facilities.

Council can assist local sporting and recreation groups with:

  • committee management
  • marketing and promotion
  • sponsorship
  • business planning
  • special event planning
  • fundraising

This help is though Council’s Training Program for Sports Clubs.

The Hills Shire Council is home to over 150 sporting and recreation groups. They use parks, sporting ovals and reserves for training and competition, on a regular basis.

The Hills Shire Council has a seasonal ground allocation program. The program ensures all groups have equal access to our multi-use facilities.

Allocation Information

There is increasing demand for the use of The Hills Shire Council’s sporting grounds from Clubs.

Council is unable to guarantee the availability of grounds to recently formed Clubs.

Council is unable to guarantee the possibility of increasing an existing club's allocation.


Summer Allocations 2023/24

11 September 2023 - 25 Feburary 2024 (Finals to be played on available fields in March)

Winter Allocations 2024

29 March 2024 - 25 August 2024


Sporting Allocation Documentation

Sporting Ground Allocation Guidelines(PDF, 366KB) 

Casual bookings outside of your Allocation

If your club requires a booking outside your allocation please email Council's Venues Team.


Wet Weather Information  

Visit the Sportsground Wet Weather Status Page Here.


Plans of Management

A plan of management provides information for the effective long-term management of public open space. It also establishes directions for planning, resource management and maintenance of public land.

To meet the requirements of the 1993 Local Govenment Act Council has created a series of generic plans of management.

This Act was amended to promote:

  • best management practices of environmentally sensitive land and
  • to curb the inappropriate alienation of community land for private purposes

Accordingly, Council’s original generic plans have been updated to incorporate the requirements of the amendments.

Below are the plans of management that have been developed by council:

General Community Use - Generic Plan of Management(PDF, 128KB)

Sportsgrounds - Generic Plan of Management(PDF, 339KB) 

Parkland - Generic Plan of Management(PDF, 138KB)

Natural Areas - Generic Plan of Management(PDF, 328KB)


Council's After Hours Emergency Contact Number

If you come across an issue during training or weekend games on your allocated field, including field lights not working, please contact Council on 02 9843 0555.

Please download the emergency contact card and place this in a place where all club members see.   

After Hours Emergency Response Card(PDF, 85KB)


Sports Club Canteen Register & the minimum construction and hygiene requirements for canteens at sportsgrounds

If you are a sports club within The Hills Shire Local Government Area please register with Council.

Register Here

Associated fees are for registration and inspections.

If you would like more information, or your registration needs to be updated, contact The Hills Shire Council on +61 2 9843 0555 or e-mail

Please read the following guideline for the minimum construction and hygiene requirements for canteens at sportsgrounds:

Fact Sheet - External Guidelines Construction & Hygiene Requirements for Canteens at Sportsgrounds(PDF, 612KB)


Personal Trainer Form

Submit an online application form if you are a personal or group trainer looking to conduct your business on Council land.

Council will assess your application and contact you about your request.

Further information and application form


Contact Us 

If you wish to get into contact with Council's Allocations Team please email.


School Bookings and School Competition Bookings

You will need to make a booking If you are a

Schools or school sports associations will need to make a booking if organising:

  • inter-school competition
  • sports carnivals or
  • activities on Council reserves 

Please fill out the enquiry form below:

Request a booking