Sportsground Wet Weather & Maintenance Status


Current Field Status:

  (last updated 11 June 2024)  

All Sportsgrounds are OPEN at Hirer's discretion

The above message is THE CURRENT ADVICE.


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About this page 

This web page is updated only if required (by 3pm approx) and will only be updated if the situation changes from any previous advice - usually due to wet weather or field maintenance.

  • Synthetic Fields 1 & 2 at Bernie Mullane Reserve are OPEN at the hirer's discretion.
  • Ground conditions are reviewed daily from Monday to Friday only.
  • During wet weather or following ground maintenance, information regarding sports ground closures will also be posted on X.


Why has Council closed the Sports Ground?

Council decides to close grounds based on:

  • The potential for injury to players.
  • The sport played and the potential for damage to the playing surface.
  • The weather forecast from the Bureau of Meteorology.
  • The condition of the ground when inspected. 


What does Open at Hirer's Discretion mean?

This means grounds are open if the Hirer determines it is safe to play and the potential for damage to the playing surface is minimal.  

In instances where Council information has deemed all grounds open, hirer's (including clubs or umpires and referees) may choose to close specific grounds to prevent injury to players. When this occurs, hirer and club representatives should erect the grounds closed sign and contact the affected visiting clubs and teams.


Grounds closures can occur at short notice

Neither hirer's, sporting clubs nor Parks 355 Management Committees have authority to approve the use of sporting grounds when Council has closed the grounds. Hirer's, clubs or schools using closed fields will be liable for the full cost of repairs and may lose their licence agreement with Council.