Local Environmental Plan 2019

Please note: As of 1 December 2021, a reference to the Environment Protection zone E1, E2, E3 or E4 in a document should be taken to be a reference to a Conservation zone C1, C2, C3 or C4. For further information, please see Standard Instrument (Local Environment Plans) Amendment (Land Use Zones) Order 2021 (nsw.gov.au)

Current name

New name 

Zone E1 - National Parks and Nature Reserves

Zone C1 - National Parks and Nature Reserves

Zone E2 - Environmental Conservation

Zone C2 - Environmental Conservation

Zone E3 - Environmental Management

Zone C3 - Environmental Management

Zone E4 - Environmental Living

Zone C4 - Environmental Living


Please note: Employment zones commence within The Hills Local Environmental Plan 2019 on 26 April 2023. From 26 April 2023, in a document (other than a State Environmental Planning Policy), a reference to a former zone under an environmental planning instrument is taken to include a reference to a new zone under the environmental planning instrument.

Former Business and Industrial Zones

New Zones

B1 Neighbourhood Centre – urban locations

E1 Local Centre

B2 Local Centre

E1 Local Centre

B4 Mixed Use

MU1 Mixed Use

B5 Business Development

E3 Productivity Support

B6 Enterprise Corridor

E3 Productivity Support

B7 Business Park

SP4 Enterprise

IN1 General Industrial

E4 General Industrial

IN2 Light Industrial

E4 General Industrial

B1 Neighbourhood Centre – rural locations

RU5 Village

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The Hills Local Environmental Plan 2019 is the principal planning instrument affecting land use within The Hills Shire Local Government Area. The Local Environmental Plan (LEP) defines what purpose land may be used for. It consists of a written instrument and maps.

The written instrument includes legal definitions of development types and land use tables that describe what development is permissible in each zone. It also contains key development standards and special provisions to address land constraint issues, such as land acquisition, biodiversity and flood prone land.

View the Hills LEP 2019


Land Use Matrix 

To assist in the interpretation of The Hills LEP 2019, Council has prepared a Land Use Matrix.

Click here to access the Land Use Matrix.(PDF, 354KB)

The table of amendments outlines amendments to The Hills LEP 2019 since it came into force on 6 December 2019. 

Table of Amendments - The Hills LEP 2019(PDF, 184KB)

The Hills Local Environmental Plan 2019 replaces LEP 2012. This legislative update is administrative only to reflect the change in local government boundaries between The Hills Shire and City of Parramatta Councils. LEP 2012 now belongs to land under the City of Parramatta and has been renamed Parramatta (former The Hills) Local Environmental Plan 2012. This instrument can be accessed via the NSW Legislation website.  



The Hills Local Environmental Plan 2019 maps can be viewed on Council’s interactive mapping tool which helps determine what planning controls apply to your property by turning on various map layers. 

Interactive Map - How to & Reference Guide(PDF, 131KB)

THSC Interactive Map.jpg                 

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The HLEP maps can also be viewed on the NSW Legislation website

The map of The Hills Shire helps identify which pdf map sheet numbers apply to any property and subsequently the map types that need to be viewed to identify the land zoning, key development controls and land constraints that apply. 

Map Sheet Reference LEP 2019(PDF, 7MB)

Note: updates to map sheets on the NSW Legislation website may be delayed. If you have an urgent map request, please refer to the Interactive Map or contact Council on 02 9843 0555


Amending the Local Environmental Plan

If you are seeking to amend the Local Environmental Plan through a planning proposal application, a pre-lodgement meeting is required.

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