The Hills Shire Plan (includes fees & charges)

Four Year Delivery Program

Council's long-term vision is documented in The Shire’s Community Strategic Plan: Hills Future.

The 2024 - 2025 HILLS SHIRE PLAN is a five-part document. It provides the framework by which the organisation plans to progress the strategic objectives set out in Hills Future during the next financial year.

The Delivery Program details the principal activities that Council will do to perform its functions. It delivers on the community’s priorities outlined in the Community Strategic Plan.

The Delivery Program outlines how the full range of Council functions and operations will deliver the services expected by the community.

It highlights what Council must put in place to do with:

  • legislative responsibilities
  • regulatory functions

Council’s Resourcing Strategy supports the:

  • Community Strategic Plan
  • Delivery Program
  • Operational Plan

It details how Council can help achieve the community’s goals in the long term in relation to time, money, assets, and people.

Reviewed every four years the Resourcing Strategy incorporates:

  • long term financial planning
  • workforce management planning and
  • asset management planning

Council’s Operational Plan is a one-year extract from the four years of the Delivery Program. It identifies what Council's plans to deliver over the financial year including:

  • activities
  • capital portfolios
  • actions and
  • projects

Each year there are 4 reports, (including the Annual Report) which outline the progress towards the current year’s Operational Plan. 

View the Documents

Executive Summary - Hills Shire Plan 2024 - 2025(PDF, 3MB)

Part 1 - Hills Shire Plan - Hills Future 2024 - 2025(PDF, 3MB)

Part 2 - Hills Shire Plan Delivery Program 2024 - 2025(PDF, 14MB)

Part 3 - Hills Shire Plan Resourcing Strategy 2024 - 2025(PDF, 15MB)

Part 4 - Hills Shire Plan Operational Plan 2024 - 2025(PDF, 14MB)

Part 5 - Hills Shire Plan Fees & Charges 2024 - 2025(PDF, 6MB) 

Quarterly Review Reports

Quarter 1 – July – September 2023(PDF, 11MB)