Register to Address a Council Meeting


Registering to Address Council

Members of the public are able to register to address Council on matters on the agenda. Members of the public are also able to register to ask a question of Council in community forum however community forum is not for speeches by members of the public. To assist in limiting movement around the Council Chamber, the public are not able to speak at the meeting and must send their speech via the below form by 5.00pm on the Monday preceding the Council Meeting.

Speaking on an item, or asking a question?

Should you wish to speak on an item on the Agenda or ask a question of Council in Community Forum, again you are requested to send your speech via the below form. If approved it will be read out at the meeting. (Please note that questions in Community Forum cannot be about an item on the Agenda and should be limited to questions only.  Questions may not be answered at the meeting in accordance with the procedures and rights contained in the code of meeting practice).

Click here to view form.