The Hills Development Control Plan

Please note: As of 1 December 2021, a reference to the Environment Protection zone E1, E2, E3 or E4 in a document should be taken to be a reference to a Conservation zone C1, C2, C3 or C4. For further information, please see Standard Instrument (Local Environment Plans) Amendment (Land Use Zones) Order 2021 (

Current name

New name

Zone E1 - National Parks and Nature Reserves

Zone C1 - National Parks and Nature Reserves

Zone E2 - Environmental Conservation

Zone C2 - Environmental Conservation

Zone E3 - Environmental Management

Zone C3 - Environmental Management

Zone E4 - Environmental Living

Zone C4 - Environmental Living


Please note: Employment zones commence within The Hills Local Environmental Plan 2019 on 26 April 2023. From 26 April 2023, in a document (other than a State Environmental Planning Policy), a reference to a former zone under an environmental planning instrument is taken to include a reference to a new zone under the environmental planning instrument.

Former Business and Industrial Zones

New Zones

B1 Neighbourhood Centre – urban locations

E1 Local Centre

B2 Local Centre

E1 Local Centre

B4 Mixed Use

MU1 Mixed Use

B5 Business Development

E3 Productivity Support

B6 Enterprise Corridor

E3 Productivity Support

B7 Business Park

SP4 Enterprise

IN1 General Industrial

E4 General Industrial

IN2 Light Industrial

E4 General Industrial

B1 Neighbourhood Centre – rural locations

RU5 Village

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A Development Control Plan (DCP) is prepared in accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979
The DCP guides applicants and Council with the preparation and assessment of development applications (DAs).

The Hills Development Control Plan 2012 (DCP 2012) applies to land covered under The Hills Local Environmental Plan 2019.

Where DCP 2012 references LEP 2012, it relates to LEP 2019 until such a time that the DCP is amended.

The DCP only applies to the North Kellyville and Box Hill Growth Centres where specifically identified in the DCPs for those areas. Links to the North Kellyville and Box Hill SEPPs & DCPs are also available from our Growth Centres page

Note: For land within City of Parramatta Local Government Area (formerly The Hills), the DCP can be viewed on their website.


For further information on the DCPs please contact Council on 9843 0555 or complete our Building & Development Enquiry Form.


Information on Exempt & Complying Development Codes

State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008 (the Codes SEPP) specifies exempt and complying development under that Policy.

For further information on the General Housing Code visit the NSW Planning Portal which also includes more on key planning legislation and policy.

For more information on the Codes SEPP please email or call the Department of Planning Environment's Information Centre on 13 77 88.


DCP Documents


Part A – Introduction

Part A is the most important Part of The Hills DCP.

Part A must be read in conjunction with any individual Section of the DCP. It contains information such as:

  • definitions
  • notification and advertising requirements
  • the development application process and
  • explains submission requirements

Part A Introduction(PDF, 748KB)


Part B – Land Use / Zones

Part B contains 'sections' relating to particular land uses or zones including:

  • residential (dual occupancy, multi dwelling housing, residential flat buildings)
  • rural (including extractive industries)
  • business (including Norwest Business Park and child care centres) and
  • industrial (including sex service premises)

Part B Section 1 - Rural(PDF, 3MB)

Part B Section 2 - Residential(PDF, 7MB)

Residential Map Sheets

Part B Section 3 - Dual Occupancy(PDF, 2MB)

Part B Section 4 - Multi Dwelling Housing(PDF, 2MB)

Part B Section 5 - Residential Flat Building(PDF, 2MB)

Part B Section 6 - Business(PDF, 14MB)

Part B Section 7 - Industrial(PDF, 5MB)

Part B Section 8 - Shop Top Housing and Mixed Use Development(PDF, 589KB)

Part B Section 9 - Small Lot Housing (Integrated Housing)(PDF, 963KB)

Part B Section 10 - Medium Density Residential (Terraces)(PDF, 664KB)

Part B Section 11 - Manor House(PDF, 1MB)


Part C – General Development

Part C contains Sections relating to:

  • parking
  • signage
  • landscaping,
  • heritage and
  • telecommunications

These may apply to many forms of development.

Part C Section 1 - Parking(PDF, 3MB)

Part C Section 2 - Signage(PDF, 1MB)

Part C Section 3 - Landscaping(PDF, 2MB)

Part C Section 4 - Heritage(PDF, 1MB)

Part C Section 5 - Telecommunication Facilities(PDF, 762KB)

Part C Section 6 - Flood Controlled Land(PDF, 710KB)


Part D – Site Specific

Part D contains 'sections' relating to specific sites or areas including Balmoral Road Release Area, Kellyville / Rouse Hill Release Area and various target sites.

Part D Section 1 - 27 - 33 North Rocks Road North Rocks(PDF, 3MB)

Part D Section 2 - Pennant Street Target Site Castle Hill(PDF, 2MB)

Part D Section 3 - 257 Windsor Road and Russell Street Baulkham Hills(PDF, 2MB)

Part D Section 4 - Target Site Pennant Hills Road Carlingford(PDF, 3MB)

Part D Section 5 - Kellyville Rouse Hill Release Area(PDF, 7MB)

Kellyville Rouse Hill Maps

Part D Section 6 - Rouse Hill Regional Centre(PDF, 6MB)

Part D Section 7 - Balmoral Road Release Area(PDF, 6MB)

Balmoral Road Release Area DCP Map(PDF, 4MB)

Part D Section 8 - Norwest Town Centre Residential Development(PDF, 3MB)

Part D Section 9 - 19 - 21 Windsor Road Northmead(PDF, 2MB)

Part D Section 10 - Baulkham Hills Town Centre(PDF, 3MB)

Part D Section 11 - Terminus Street Precinct(PDF, 3MB)

Part D Section 12 - Carlingford Precinct(PDF, 7MB)

Part D Section 13 - 354 - 368 Old Northern Road Castle Hill(PDF, 3MB)

Part D Section 14 - Target Site Cnr Windsor Rd Seven Hills Rd Baulkham Hills(PDF, 9MB)

Part D Section 15 - Crane Road Precinct(PDF, 2MB)

Part D Section 16 - 301 Samantha Riley Drive Kellyville(PDF, 1MB)

Part D Section 17 - Box Hill North(PDF, 3MB)

Part D Section 18 - 582 and 582a Old Northern Road Dural(PDF, 943KB)

Part D Section 19 - Showground Station Precinct(PDF, 8MB)

Part D Section 20 - Castle Hill North(PDF, 6MB)

Part D Section 21 - 93-107 Cecil Avenue & 9-10 Roger Avenue, Castle Hill(PDF, 2MB)

Part D Section 22 - Circa Commercial Precinct(PDF, 6MB)

Part D Section 23 - Norwest Station Site(PDF, 2MB)

Part D Section 24 - Mackillop Drive Norwest(PDF, 1MB)

Part D Section 25 - 14-16 Brookhollow Avenue, Norwest(PDF, 2MB)

Part D Section 26 - Bella Vista and Kellyville Station Precincts(PDF, 10MB)

Part D Section 27 - Castle Ridge Resort, 346-350 Old Northern Road(PDF, 2MB)


Appendix AWaste Management Plan(PDF, 608KB)

Appendix BWater Sensitive Urban Design(PDF, 633KB)



Supporting Documents

The Hills Shire Council Local Approvals Policy(PDF, 855KB)

Baulkham Hills Village Character Analysis Urban Design Guidelines(PDF, 13MB)

Designing Safer Communities - Safer by Design Guidelines(PDF, 335KB)

Baulkham Hills Multi-Unit Housing - Urban Design Guidelines(PDF, 38MB)

Baulkham Hills Town Centre Public Domain Plan(PDF, 6MB)

Carlingford Precinct Public Domain Plan(PDF, 9MB)

Approved Box Hill North Masterplan Controls(PDF, 2MB)

Public Domain Plan - Showground Precinct(PDF, 17MB)

Public Domain Plan - Castle Hill North(PDF, 37MB)


Purchasing the DCP

If you cannot visit Council to obtain a copy and/or do not wish to download the documents above, copies of the entire DCP or individual sections can be ordered by completing the following form (please consult Council's Schedule of Fees & Charges for pricing information).

Note: Part A - Introduction is included in the price of each section.

Please note that some sections of the DCP include maps which can be viewed separately here or purchased in full size from Council.

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