Hills Certifiers - Building Certification Services

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Hills Certifiers provides personalised building certification services in the Hills Shire Local Government Area.

Our certifiers are professionally qualified Building Surveyors accredited by the NSW Building Professionals Board.

We are experts in the certification process including:

  • building approvals
  • construction inspections and
  • acting as Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) for residential, industrial and commercial building projects

Our approach is practical, helpful and friendly.

  • We offer a secure, guaranteed alternative to private certifiers so you can feel assured of having made the right decision in choosing us
  • We specialise in and support the local building and development community of the Sydney Hills area
  • We provide responsive and priority attention to our customers
  • We have an established reputation for delivering practical, honest and impartial advice

And because we have the strength and stability of a multi-disciplinary organisation, we can offer on-going support and a wide range of services beyond that of a private certifier. 

Have a question? Contact us on 02 9843 0431 or email ask@hillscertifiers.com.au.