Hills Certifiers - Our Services


Our one-stop-shop range of certification services include:

  • issuing Construction Certificates
  • issuing Complying Development Certificates and
  • acting as your Principal Certifier including:
  • conducting mandatory Critical Stage Inspections (CSIs) and
  • issuing Occupation Certificates

We can perform these services for:

  • residential
  • commercial and
  • industrial developments (as well as for strata subdivision).

Construction Certificates and Complying Development Certificates

We understand the importance of timeframes and contractual requirements.

We support our clients through the Construction and Complying Development Certificate approval process.

We have expert knowledge of the legislative framework and assessment process. You can rest assured of honest, timely and quality service.

We also arrange for the issue of Complying Development Certificates for strata subdivision.

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Certificates

If you are proposing to do work as complying development on a property mapped as bushfire prone you need a BAL certificate.

This certificate identifies the Bushfire Attack Level that applies to the proposal. Needed at the design stage it helps you identify the construction methods and materials required to meet bushfire protection requirements. We have expertise in providing these certificates at a competitive rate.

Our application form details the information that we would need to provide you a certificate in a timely fashion.

Undertake the Role of Principal Certifier

When it comes to the role of Principal Certifier (PC) we are:

  • qualified
  • accredited and
  • experienced

We inspect and check work in progress so that any required final certificates can be issued.

Our strength is our ongoing commitment to the local community. We are here to respond to your building and construction needs.

We have expert knowledge of building codes and legislation.

Carrying out "Critical Stage Inspections" during the construction process

Many "critical stage inspections" are required during the construction of a building. This ensures the building works follow:

  • the Building Code of Australia
  • Australian Standards and
  • any other conditions of approval

We are specialists in the Sydney Hills area. We can focus on your construction inspection requirements.

We have a flexible construction inspection service that we structure to suit your needs.

  • We carry out inspections at short notice and at times which accommodate you.
  • We develop a working relationship with you.
  • We quickly respond to your needs, ensuring no downtime for your project

Issue of Compliance and Occupation Certificates

We document all details of the inspections we conduct. This means you can be confident that at the completion of your project all work is:

  • certified and
  • compliant

Issue of Strata Certificates (for subdivision)

We can assist in coordinating all the necessary documentation.

We arrange for the issue of Strata Certificates (for subdivision).

We understand that prompt issue of a Strata Certificate leads to:

  • early plan registration at the NSW Land Registry Services and
  • early settlements

Building Code of Australia (BCA) advice

The BCA contains technical specifications for the design and construction of buildings.

Our team has expert knowledge of the BCA. We provide advice on your building project and how to comply with the BCA.

Have a question? Contact us on 02 9843 0431 or email ask@hillscertifiers.com.au.