Clean-Up Collection



What you need to know

  • Council's Waste Collection Contractor, Cleanaway, takes bookings on behalf of Council
  • You can request this service at any time throughout the year
  • This service is available to you twice per calendar year. Allocations do not reset on change of ownership or tenancy
  • If the property has used the two standard services allocated per calendar year, additional paid services can be booked via the normal booking process. The cost for FY 24/25 is $165 (incl. GST) per service
  • When you request a household kerbside clean-up collection you will get a clean-up date
  • Following processing, your clean up date should fall within 14 to 28 days of your request
  • Your clean-up day usually happens on the same day as your bin collection day or over two days
  • You will receive a reminder via an automated text message on the day before your collection date. Please ensure you provide your mobile number at the time of booking
  • You will receive a confirmation letter and sticker via mail
  • Only place clean up materials on the kerb the night before the collection date provided. Any earlier and you may incur a penalty without written approval


Units, Townhouses and Villas

  • Please contact your Strata Manager or Executive Committee to request a clean-up service
  • The clean-up collection will be for the whole complex. Each unit, townhouse or villa will receive a confirmation letter


To 'Make a Booking' or 'View Accepted/Not Accepted Item' please click the associated tab (for mobile users these tabs are located above).

Accepted Items

Step 1.What can I dispose of through the Household Kerbside Clean-Up Collection?


  • The Clean-up Service is for bulky household items only. Bulky items are those that do not fit into your general household bins. Please refer to the ‘Acceptable Clean-Up Items’ list below.


  • Mirrors or glass of any type are not accepted due to safety risks for collectors and the general public. See below for further unacceptable items under ‘Non-Acceptable Clean-Up Items’.


Step 2.Acceptable Household Clean-Up Items


Please place materials in 4 separate piles

Pile 1 - Bulky garden organics such as pruned trees; timber such as fence palings (nails removed)

  • Bundle and tie all vegetation no longer than 1.5metres in length. Branches must be less than 10cm in diameter. If it is not practicable to bundle and tie loose vegetation, you must bag or place in a box.


Pile 2 - Whitegoods, stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines and most hot water systems

  • These must be under 300 litres in capacity. You must remove refrigerator and freezer doors before placing out on the kerbside.
  • Limit other household metal items (e.g. clothes line and trampolines) to 1.5m in length. Please contact the Waste Hotline on 1800 623 895 if you are unsure. 


Pile 3 - Mattresses

  • For public safety and ease of collection stack your mattress/mattresses in a neat pile.


Pile 4 - Other bulky waste such as furniture, furnishings, clothing and bedding

  • You must bundle and tie carpet rolls no longer than 1.5 metres in length.
  • Other unwanted household goods such as toys and tools. You must bag all loose items or put them in a box. Two people should be able to easily handle these items.


Step 3.Non-Acceptable Clean Up Items

  • Medical waste
  • Building and demolition materials
  • Trade, industrial, commercial and shop wastes
  • Liquids and putrescible waste (household garbage including food waste)
  • Trees, tree trunks and stumps,
  • Thorny plant material
  • Stones, soil and masonry products such as concrete
  • Motor vehicles, engines and car parts
  • Chemicals and hazardous waste including fuels, gas bottles, oils, paints, asbestos, batteries and poisons
  • Glass of any type and/or mirrors and perspex
  • Items not originating from the household
  • Items not able to be handled by two people 
  • Commercial quantities of material


Clean-up materials that do not comply will not be removed. Please contact the Waste Hotline on 1800 623 895 if you are unsure.

More information on alternative disposable options for these items are available on our Recycling Directory page.


Step 4.Do you have polystyrene foam to dispose of?

  • Dispose of polystyrene foam can through the red lidded garbage bin.
  • Do not place polystyrene foam into the yellow lidded recycling bin.
  • Place Polystyrene foam into a bag before disposal in the red lidded garbage bin. This is because large pieces may get wedged in the bin, making it difficult for the truck to empty it completely.
  • Dispose of large amounts of polystyrene foam in your household kerbside clean-up collections. Bag or box Polystyrene foam for collection to prevent it from blowing away.



To 'Make a Booking' or for more information about this service please click the associated tabs (for mobile users these tabs are located above).

Make a Booking

Step 1.Book a Household Kerbside Clean-Up Collection

  • Our waste collection contractor, Cleanaway, manages the household kerbside clean-up service.
  • To make a booking, please click on the link below. You will be re-directed to the Hills Shire Council/Cleanaway booking portal.


If you live in a unit or townhouse

Please contact your Strata Manager or Executive Committee to request a clean-up service.

They can request this service via the Waste Hotline and not through the booking portal.


Internet Explorer is no longer a supported browser and will be unable to load the booking portal. Please use a different browser.

Registration/login required to access Cleanaway booking portal.

Make your kerbside clean-up booking here

Alternatively, call the Waste Hotline on 1800 623 895.

Step 2.Next Steps

When can I put my waste out at the kerbside?

  • Only place clean up materials on the kerb the night before the collection date provided. Any earlier and you may incur a penalty without written council approval.
  • You MUST NOT place materials at the kerbside without a clean-up booking.
  • Without a booking placing materials is illegal dumping and may incur a penalty.


How to Place Items for Collection


How do I change or cancel the date of my clean-up?

  • Please call the Waste Hotline on 1800 623 895 to cancel or change the date of your clean-up collection. You cannot make this change or cancellation online.
  • Please provide at least 1 working day notice to cancel your booking.