Sharing and Trading

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Sharing, trading and swapping - online sites and community resources

Sharing, trading and swapping locally is a great way to meet neighbours and community members, save money, and help the environment. It also helps to promote positive changes in the way goods are produced and consumed. There are plenty of ways for you to start swapping, sharing and trading in your local area. 

Online swapping and trading sites

Internet Freecycle

Thousands of people around Sydney use this handy network to give away just about anything from coat hangers to broken TV's.

To become a member of the Freecycle network simply go to and type 'Sydney NSW' in the search bar. To join set up a free account via the 'login/sign up' tab.


Ziilch  is a comprehensive re-use website providing an online resource for finding, giving away and managing re-usable items.

Ziilch provides individuals, businesses, charities, not for profit and social enterprises a free online website to list unwanted items and search for wanted items across a broad range of categories including furniture, electrical goods, clothing, office, general household, garden and outdoor, automotive and computers – to name just a few.

  • It's free to list an item
  • It's free to to want an item
  • It's free to take an item

Ziilch  provides a complimentary service which offers FREE, simple and fast online recycling of unwanted goods.

Facebook Buy Swap Sell

Buy, Swap and Sell groups allow you to list items you no longer need for sale, or swap, or you can simply browse the groups and purchase items.

To find a local group page, login to Facebook and search for key words in the search bar.

Other Useful Websites:


Neighbourhood Composting

Do you have organic waste but no space to set up a compost. Are you already composting and are willing to offer some composting space? is a free composting project that connects people looking to turn their waste into rich soil.

Visit to find out more.