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Council has gone 'Cashless'

As per Council’s exhibited Fees and Charges effective from 1 July 2022, The Hills Shire Council has gone ‘cashless’.  

How may this affect you?

This means that Council no longer accept payments by cash or by cheque at our administration centre and other facilities including libraries. However, you can pay your Rates by cash or cheque at the Post office.

No merchant fees

Council do not charge merchant fees so customers are not disadvantaged by paying by credit card. 

There are still be several ways to make payments including: 

  • BPAY from your cheque/savings/debit/credit card/transaction account 
  • Debit/credit Card payment by Council’s website
  • Debit/Credit Card payment online or over the phone via automated telephone service (rates payments only)
  • Direct Debit from your credit card or bank account
  • Debit/credit payment from your emailed rate notice or enotice account(rates payments only)
  • *Rate payments in store at Australia Post by cash or cheque 
  • Library payments using your Debit/credit card can be made by phone or at the Customer Service desk at any branch, online via the library website or through the library app.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why have we gone 'cashless'?

Banks have changed the way they handle cash. It creates operational efficiencies, which allow resources to be focused on other Council services which benefit our community. There are also other benefits such as reducing the levels of risk associated with workplace safety and hygiene.

Is it legal for Council to refuse to accept cash payments?

Yes it is. Organisations are able to set the terms of payment for services provided; this includes restricting payment by cash or cheque at Council facilities. A reminder that Cash and Cheque payments can still be used for the payment of Rates at any Australia Post outlet.

How was the decision made to go cashless?

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, a number of Council’s and organisations have gone cashless.

Very few people still pay with cash or cheques, and cash received has dropped significantly. Direct costs with cash collection and depositing are disproportionately high.  

Moving towards cashless will provide safer ways to conduct business. This will improve hygiene, reduce cash handling and improve security. 

How can I pay if I can’t pay online?

The option for those who do not have access to technology or prefer to pay cash for rates payments is available at Australia Post outlets. This option will remain. 

You can pay using the telephone service for rates, debtors and applications. 

You can set up a direct debit for rates payments, Aquatic Centre fees and children services. 

You can pay over the counter at all council facilities from your savings/debit/ credit card or transaction account.