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Lodging an application

Construction Certificate, Complying Development Certificate or Occupation Certificate applications must now be submitted through the NSW Government Planning Portal.

You will need to create a Portal account to do so, as Council no longer accepts these applications by email or over the counter. Click here to create a Portal account.

  • To engage us to assess the Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate and act as Principal Certifier for the job, you also need to complete our Contract for Building Certification Services (link to the contract below) and upload it to the Portal as part of your application.  If you have requested and received a Fee Estimate for the proposed works, it too could be loaded on to the Portal.
  • You may wish to consider lodging your Construction Certificate concurrently with your Development Application. This will save you significant time with repetition of data input, than if you were to lodge your Construction Certificate at a later date.

The following documents have been prepared to assist developers, builders, plumbers and home owners with respect to the rain gardens required to be provided and maintained on individual lots in the North Kellyville Release Area.

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