Garden Organics - Green Lid


The garden organics bin for vegetation has financial and environmental benefits as this material is diverted from landfill and mulched, composted or used to enhance soils depleted of nutrients. 


Acceptable Garden Waste

  • Lawn clippings
  • Pruned shrubs or trees 
  • Cut flowers
  • Weeds (excluding priority weeds)
  • Sticks, twigs and leaves
  • Bark and branches no longer than 1m and 75mm in diameter
  • Cut up real Christmas trees


Non Acceptable Garden Waste

  • Plastic bags or bin liners
  • Food scraps including fruits from pruned trees 
  • Household garbage
  • Priority Weeds
  • Bricks, rocks, dirt or soil
  • Plastic or terracotta plant holders and garden hoses
  • Hazardous materials such as bottles, chemicals and pesticides
  • Medical waste including syringes and dialysis bags


INFORMATION: Hazardous waste can cause harm when disposed of in the green lidded garden organics bin. For more information and disposal options visit Cleanaway's website.


Please take care: Plastic bags or bin liners are not acceptable. Place leaves and twigs at the bottom of the bin to stop lawn clippings sticking. Priority Weeds (previously known as noxious weeds) cannot be placed into this bin for disposal. Please place priority weeds into a plastic bag and dispose of in the red lidded garbage bin.

Council will be monitoring the garden organics service. Penalties may apply for non-compliance. Please make sure your recycling efforts count and DO THE RIGHT BIN! 


Bulky Garden Vegetation

If you have bulky garden vegetation to dispose of, you may like to book in a household kerbside clean-up collection. Each household is entitled to two free collections per calendar year. For garden vegetation to be accepted for clean up, it must be tied into bundles of no longer than 1.5metres in length, and must be comfortably handled by two people.

More information about, or to arrange a household kerbside clean-up collection.


Bulky garden vegetation may also be taken to the REMONDIS Resource Recovery Centre at 29 Powers Road, Seven Hills (Charges may apply for the use of these facilities). 

For more information, contact the Resource Recovery Education Officer on 02 9843 0505.


Bin Presentation

  • Bins should be presented one metre apart
  • Bins should be placed out for collection the night before collection day
  • Bin lids should open facing the road
  • Bins should be presented a distance from trees, telegraph poles or other obstacles which may cause difficulty for the truck to collect
  • Bins should not be overfilled or overflowing as the collection vehicles can only lift bins to a maximum weight of 70kg. Anything above this weight may result in non collection of the bin.
  • To ensure a safe and efficient collection service residents living in cul-de-sacs may be asked to present bins in an alternative location to the front of their property. 

Remember collection day can be exciting for children - To ensure their safety make sure they are watching from a safe distance.