Apply for Non-rateability

Are you exempt from Council rates?

To be exempt from Council rates:

  • The organisation must own and occupy the property and the property must be used for the purposes of the organisation as stipulated in their articles of association or like documentation.
  • The use of the land that is to be exempt from rates, must be listed as per the Local Government  Act, 1993 Section 555 or Section 556


If these conditions apply to you, complete the application form below...

Apply for Non-rateability

Step 1.Complete the Rate Exemption Application Form

Click here to download the Rate Exemption Application Form(PDF, 615KB)


Step 2.Submit the completed form to Council

The completed application form can be submitted to Council using the following methods:


Step 3.Next steps?

Your application it will be assessed and you will be sent a letter notifying you of the outcome.