Request a Copy of Your Rates Notice

What you need to know

Step 1.Receive your Rate & Instalment Notices by Email and Online

You can receive a free of charge copy of your rates notice (current and historic) at your convenience by registering to receive your rates notice online

For historic copies of rates notices prior to the 2011/2012 financial year, contact our Rates Department on 02 9843 0247

Step 2.Apply for a copy

A property owner or authorised agent can complete an application for a copy of a recent or past rate notice or statement of account.

  • The fee for a copy of the original rate notice 2023/24 Financial Year (not issued until July) is $22.00*
  • The fee for a Statement of Account is $31.00
  • The fee for a copy of a prior year rate notice is $43.00

*No fee will be charged for copies of the current Financial Year's rate notices for requests received between 1 July - 31 August.

Please allow 2 business days for processing.

Request a copy of a Rates Notice or Statement of Account