Home Based Businesses

Home-based businesses are a large part of the Australian business community. Over one million people run a business from home.

Working from home can often be a great opportunity to start a new career. It offers flexibility and convenience.

If you're thinking of starting a home-based business, or are currently running one, you can maximise your chance of success by ensuring that you understand the risks and government requirements that apply to you. 

These include:

  • taxation
  • employment
  • business finances
  • insurance for home-based businesses
  • council approval and
  • licensing requirements

Operating a small business is not just about working for yourself. It's also about having the necessary management skills, industry expertise, technical skills, finance, and a long-term vision to grow and succeed.

Things to consider before starting a home-based business

A successful home business requires an owner who is able to handle a wide variety of issues. Often, identical home-based businesses can have different levels of success. This is due to different approaches to planning.

By thinking through the establishment of your business and taking the time to research and plan your operations, you can create a competitive advantage while also helping secure the future of your business.

If you're starting a home business, developing a thorough business plan is the best place to begin.

To develop your business plan, you need to consider operating from home:

  • Is your home the best location for your business?
  • Can you conduct the type of business you want under local council regulations?
  • What are your legal obligations?
  • Will your home-based business allow you to balance your work and family life?
  • What are the town planning requirements?

Don't be afraid to ask yourself hard questions about your business. It's much easier to plan for the future than to react to the unexpected.

When you're taking the first steps in starting up a home-based business, take a look at the wide range of government advice and support available.