Subdividing Land


The information provided on this page is intended to assist with respect to various aspects of the land subdivision process. If you are intended to lodge a Development Application to subdivide your property a formal subdivision pre-lodgement meeting is encouraged - contact Council’s Duty Subdivision Officer on +61 2 9843 0374 if you have any questions.

Subdivision Application Checklist(PDF, 161KB)

Fact Sheet - Addressing Requirements for Residential Developments(PDF, 539KB)

Fact Sheet - Exempt and Complying Development - Subdivision(PDF, 85KB)

Fact Sheet - Early Subdivision Certificate Release for Integrated Housing Development Applications(PDF, 88KB)

Guidelines - Digital Lodgement of Final Subdivision Plans with Subdivision Certificate(PDF, 255KB)

Standard Recitals for Easements, Restrictions and Positive Covenants - Subdivision & Development Certification(PDF, 463KB)

Fact Sheet - Servicing Requirements for Subdivision Development Applications(PDF, 123KB)

Fact Sheet - Telecommunication Infrastructure Servicing Requirements for Subdivision Development Applications(PDF, 390KB)

Construction Cost Estimator for Subdivision Work(XLSX, 45KB)

Public Asset Creation Summary(PDF, 643KB)

Principal Certifying Authority (Council) Sign/Site Notice for Subdivision Works(PDF, 286KB)