Billy Bower and the Garbo Gang

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Billy-Bower-Colour-Poster.jpgBilly Bower - Colour Poster(PDF, 2MB)(PDF, 2MB)

Billy Bower Truck - Colour Poster(PDF, 962KB)(PDF, 962KB)

Harry - Colour Poster(PDF, 827KB)(PDF, 827KB)

Kerrie K - Colour Poster(PDF, 799KB)(PDF, 799KB)

Rodney Roo - Colour Poster(PDF, 893KB)(PDF, 893KB)

Sally - Colour Poster(PDF, 647KB)(PDF, 647KB)

Wallie Wombat - Colour Poster(PDF, 909KB)(PDF, 909KB)


Billy-Bower-Truck-Colouring-Sheet.jpgColouring Sheets

Billy Bower - Colouring Sheet(PDF, 64KB)(PDF, 64KB)

Billy Bower Truck - Colouring Sheet(PDF, 84KB)(PDF, 84KB)

Harry - Colouring Sheet(PDF, 40KB)(PDF, 40KB)

Kerrie K - Colouring Sheet(PDF, 44KB)(PDF, 44KB)

Rodney Roo - Colouring Sheet(PDF, 40KB)(PDF, 40KB)

Sally - Colouring Sheet(PDF, 40KB)(PDF, 40KB)

Wallie Wombat - Colouring Sheet(PDF, 42KB)(PDF, 42KB)

The Garbo Gang - Colouring Sheet(PDF, 256KB)(PDF, 256KB)


Do-the-Right-Bin-Find-It.jpgFind it

Do the Right Bin - Find It(PDF, 2MB)(PDF, 2MB)



Billy-Bower-Cartoon.jpgCartoon Fun

Billy Bower - complete the cartoon(PDF, 1MB)(PDF, 1MB)

Billy Bower - Completed Cartoon(PDF, 1MB)(PDF, 1MB)