Castle Hill North Precinct Plan

Castle-Hill-North-Precinct-Plan.jpg(PDF, 35MB)

As a direct result of the North West Rail Link, more than 50,000 new residents will move to The Hills over the next 20 years – over and above the 100,000 expected under the State Government’s Metropolitan Strategy.

In response to the North West Rail Link the Precinct Plan for Castle Hill North(PDF, 35MB) recognises the capacity within the Precinct for higher density residential development opportunities and the strong demand that will exist for apartment and townhouse living in Castle Hill. The plan identifies density, character and streetscape typologies to guide future development outcomes.

The location of the higher density housing options was informed by factors such as proximity to the future rail station and the town centre. Lower density outcomes have been identified where land interfaces with other lower density housing, open space and Castle Hill Public School Character areas are identified to articulate where development controls are needed to achieve outcomes that complement the positive aspects of the existing character.

A streetscape map has been developed to articulate how streets will look and integrated with the existing development.

Castle Hill North Precinct Plan(PDF, 35MB)



Latest Information

On 21 June 2020 the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (the Department) announced its Tranche 3 Projects as part of its Planning System Acceleration Program, which included the Castle Hill North Planning Proposal (16/2016/PLP). The Department subsequently finalised the Castle Hill North Planning Proposal on 17 July 2020 and the precinct has now been rezoned. 

The applicable development standards and maps such as Land Zoning and Floor Space Ratio can be viewed within Council’s Local Environmental Plan at the NSW Legislation Website.

The development controls for the Precinct are contained within The Hills Development Control Plan  (Part D Section 20 – Castle Hill North) which can be viewed on Council’s website.