Information on Development Application Assessment


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Information on Development Application Assessment

How Council Communicates with you during the Development Process

Development Application Communication Protocol Brochure(PDF, 1MB)


After my application is determined, how will I be advised?

You will be advised in writing of the determination of your application.  Should there be any outstanding fees, these fees will need to be paid prior to release of approval.

If however, your application is granted consent and there are no outstanding matters, then you will be sent a copy of the Development Consent including Conditions of Consent and Approved Plans.

Please note that if prior to release of Development Consent you are providing Home Warranty Insurance and the value of the insurance differs by more than $25,000 from what was nominated on the application form, you are required to complete Home Warranty Insurance - Statement of Inclusions(PDF, 94KB) and return to Council with the Home Warranty Insurance Certificate.

Should your application be refused, a refusal notice will be sent advising of the grounds of refusal.


What does 'Stop the Clock' mean?

“Stop the Clock” is a time period after a Development Application (DA) is lodged where Council staff await applicants to provide sufficient information to enable an informed decision to be made on a DA. This period of time is not included in calculating the overall time taken to assess the DA.