Sydney Central City Planning Panel (Sydney Planning Panel – SPP)


The Sydney Central City Planning Panel (SCCPP) determines Development Applications and Modifications.

The Planning Panels determine the following:

  • Regional development (outlined in:
  • Development with a capital investment value (CIV)* over $30 million
  • Development with a CIV* over $5 million which is:
  • Council related
  • Lodged by or on behalf of the Crown (State of NSW)
  • Private infrastructure and community facilities
  • Eco-tourist facilities
  • Designated development - Extractive industries, waste facilities and marinas
  • Certain coastal subdivisions
  • Development with a CIV* between $10 million and $30 million. (referred to the Planning Panel by the applicant after 120 days

*Capital investment value (CIV) calculated at the time of lodgement of the DA. This determines whether an application should go to a Planning Panel.



SCCPP Agendas & Reports

Currently scheduled public meetings for the SCCPP are available on the NSW Government Department of Planning & Environment website. Click on the links to view relevant information on the matter, including meeting location, agenda and business papers.