Bushfire Protection - Prepare Your Home

bushfire protection

The Rural Fire Service is a highly trained group of men and women who provide assistance during many emergency situations, including bushfires.

The primary responsibility for the safety of property and lives lies with you.


Fire Danger Rating Updated

The Rural Fire Service (RFS) has released a new Fire Danger Rating system to relay fire risk more accurately and simply in your suburb. The new Fire Danger Ratings have four levels instead of six – Moderate, High, Extreme and Catastrophic with actions for each level, so you’ll know what to do to protect your life, family and property.

You can check the daily fire danger rating on the RFS website (www.rfs.nsw.gov.au), in the Fires Near Me NSW smartphone app, or look out for the roadside signs.


How to Protect Your Home

Up-to-date information how to prepare your property for bushfire and grass fires and how to complete a Bushfire Survival Plan visit the NSW Rural Fire Service website.

For more information on protection during a Bushfire Emergency, please see Neighbourhood Safer Places.