Download the Library App

Access The Hills Shire Library from your phone or tablet. Manage your account, search the catalogue, renew and reserve books.

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How it works:

  • Download The Hills Shire Library app from the App Store or Google Play
  • To sign in, scan or type your membership number. Enter your pin number
  • The My Account screen will display your details
  • Renew your items - don't forget to look for the green tick next to each item


To store family cards:

  • Open My Account
  • Choose Linked Accounts and click Add
  • Scan Library card, enter the PIN number



  • In-app alerts and quick and easy renewals
  • Store cards for the whole family
  • Borrow items using the self-service function
  • Easy to use catalogue search
  • eBook integration with Libby
  • Reserve items straight from the app
  • Upload your printing


Library App – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I borrow physical items through the Hills Shire Library App?

You are now able to use the Self-Service function in the Library App to borrow items.

Select Self-Service from the home-screen and follow the prompts to begin borrowing items from your phone.

For best results, place the top half of your phone on top of the Hills Shire barcode located at the back of most library items. Wait for the green tick to appear to confirm your loan and the item will be issued onto your library card.

Please note that Near Field Communication (NFC) and Location Services must both be enabled to allow self-service borrowing.

I can't remember my PIN Number

Download the App and choose the Forgotten your PIN? option. Follow the prompts to reset your PIN number.

Alternatively, you can reset your PIN through our online catalogue.

How do I add my children's cards?

Once you have signed in to the Library App you can add your children’s cards as linked accounts.

In the ‘My Account’ area, tap on the ‘Linked Accounts’ option and then either scan their card or enter their Library card number and add the PIN. This will link their accounts.

Can I read Libby/Overdrive items inside of the Library App?

You can borrow, reserve and read or listen to Overdrive books directly inside the Hills Shire Library App without the need to open the Libby app. Your loans will also appear inside of the My Loans section of the app under My Account.

If you wish to continue reading or listening to your item in the Libby app, your items will be synchronised across the different services.

I don’t remember the email address I used to register for Overdrive/Libby.

You can access Overdrive/Libby with your Library card number and PIN.

If you require additional assistance retrieving information to sign in, please contact one of our staff.

How can I borrow Borrowbox audiobooks in the Hills Shire Library App?

Make sure you have downloaded Borrowbox from the App Store or Google Play. Once it is installed, the Hills Shire Library App will swap to the Borrowbox app automatically when attempting to loan a Borrowbox item.

From there, you will be able to complete the loan.

I don’t remember the email address I used to register for BorrowBox.

You can access BorrowBox with your Library card number and PIN.

You can update your details through the Borrowbox website by signing in on the top right of the screen and selecting My Account. You can then press Edit Details to change your email address.


Can I read Borrowbox or Indyreads items inside the Hills Shire Library App

You can borrow eBooks and eAudiobooks from these services, however, to read them you will need the Borrowbox or Indyreads apps installed on your mobile device.

I can’t find the document I want to print.

Ensure that you have saved the document or image to the storage on your device, such as the Downloads folder.

The print system does not support direct printing from email or websites.

Please be aware that the print system can only print documents in the following formats: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Viso, Publisher, PDF, CSV, RTF, TXT, JPG, TIF, GIF and BMP.

Can I pay my fines via the app?

Yes you can. Look for the Online Payments button and you will be redirected to our online payment portal. You will be asked to sign in with your library card number and from there, you can pay any applicable fines.


Privacy Information, Data Use and Storage

The Library App does not collect or transmit personal information, all data is stored in the Library’s database in accordance with The Hills Shire Council’s Privacy Statement. The full privacy statement for the app can be found on the app listing on the relevant app store or here

The Library App will ask for permission to access camera and location services. These permissions are voluntary and are not required to use the app but certain accessibility features require them. Users can choose to restrict access to only when the app is in use or to not allow access at all. Permissions can be viewed in the properties of the app and changed at any time. More information about the permissions of the app can be found in the app listing on the relevant app store.

Use of the library app requires an active internet connection. You can monitor how much data the Library App is using through the app properties or through the mobile data sections of the settings menu of your device.

The App size is 14mb, additional storage may be used. Check in the app properties or the storage section of your settings menu.

These are general instructions and properties and settings menus will vary by device.