Hire a Library Room

Library Rooms at Castle Hill Library and Vinegar Hill Memorial Library may be booked online with at least 5 days notice, for the following purposes:
  • Commercial/Community Associations: Provided the event is only advertised to members of the group/business making the booking, i.e. the event cannot be advertised to the general public. (With the exception of Government Agencies). Public Liability must be provided.
  • Tutoring is considered a commercial activity and Public Liability Insurance must be provided at time of booking.

What you need to know:

  • Charges apply for all bookings relating to rooms in Castle Hill and Vinegar Hill Memorial Libraries.
  • Bookings are made on a casual basis, the library does not accept regular, recurring bookings (a regular, recurring booking is a booking that occurs more than once at regular intervals e.g every week or every third Saturday of the month).
  • Payment is required at time of booking. Refunds are only available for cancellations at least 48 hours before the booked time.
  • Stated capacity of the room must not be exceeded at any time. our COVID Safety Plan capacities are currently in use


Room Hire (prices include GST) & Booking Enquiry Forms

Castle Hill and Vinegar Hill Memorial Library Meeting Rooms

Meeting room: up to 2 people

Study rooms 1 & 2: up to 2 people

Room Booking Form: Commercial/Community Associations (includes Conditions of Use Information)

$13.00 (per hour)

Sonya Phillips Room, Castle Hill and William Bernard Room, Vinegar Hill 

Sonya Phillips Room: up to 25 people

William Bernard Room: up to 20 people

Large Meeting Room Enquiry Form (includes Conditions of Use Information)

$34.00 (per hour)

If a room has not been booked and the appropriate fee paid it is considered available for general study. The door is to remain open to allow general community access.