Council Elections & Referendums



NSW Local Council Elections are on Saturday 9 September, 2017

Voting is compulsory.




1300 135 736

For enquiries in languages other than English call the electoral commission interpreting service 13 14 50.
For hearing and speech impaired enquiries, call via the National Relay Service on 13 36 77.

About Council Elections and Wards

Every four years the residents and ratepayers of The Hills Shire elect 12 Councillors. The last election of Councillors for The Hills Shire Council was held on Saturday, 8 September 2012.

The next ordinary election was originally scheduled to be held on 10 September, 2016 but, following the State Government’s decision to amalgamate some Council’s or to amend boundaries, those affected Councils, including The Hills Shire Council, has had elections deferred until 9 September 2017.

Currently, the Councillors elect the Mayor and Deputy Mayor on an annual basis. However, following a constitutional referendum in 2012 to determine the method of election of the Mayor, electors will cast a vote on who should be elected as Mayor for a three year term at the 2017 election and four year terms in subsequent elections.

Traditionally, the twelve Councillors elected to The Hills Shire Council, represent a Ward. Three Councillors are elected to each Ward (Central, North, East and West). Prior to the proclamation dated 12 May 2016, whereby that part of the then Hills Shire Council below the M2 was moved to the City of Parramatta, the Hills Shire was divided into four wards. The proclamation removed all wards.

Council resolved on 11 October 2016 to re-establish four wards after approval was received from the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

Reinstatement of the four (4) Ward structure (Central, East, North and West) within The Hills Shire Council was gazetted on Tuesday 24 January 2017, effective immediately.

Whilst the reinstatement of Boundaries has been enacted, all eleven (11) Councillors at present will continue to represent all residents of The Hills Shire until the proposed Local Government Election scheduled for 9 September 2017.

Voting is compulsory for all residents over the age of 18.

Voting at the Elections on 9 September 2017

As outlined in Section 266 of the Act, you are entitled to vote in Local Government elections if:

  • (a)  he or she is a resident of the ward, or
  • (b)  he or she is not a resident of the ward but is an owner of rateable land in the ward, or
  • (c)  he or she is an occupier, or ratepaying lessee, of rateable land in a ward.

    You need to be enrolled to vote for the council where you live - To check your enrolment details visit http://www.votensw.

    If you are not on the roll in NSW or your current enrolment details are not correct you may be eligible to enrol or update your details when you vote early or on election day. To newly enrol, or update your details on the spot, just bring your NSW photo Driver Licence or NSW Photo Card showing your current address, and be ready to provide Australian citizenship details if you were born overseas.

    Voting on election day
    Voting will take place on Saturday, 9 September 2017 between the hours of 8am and 6pm. On election day you must vote at a polling place for your council, or your ward if your council is divided. There is no absent voting at local government (council) elections.

    Polling Places
    A list of polling places for your council or ward is available by visiting http://www.votensw

    Voting before election day

    Postal Voting and Pre-Poll Voting
    You may be entitled to a postal or pre-poll vote. For details visit http://www.votensw.

    Voting early in person
    Pre-poll voting begins on Monday, 28 August 2017 and ends at 6pm Friday, 8 September 2017. You can vote in person at the following locations.

    Pre-Poll Venues

    The Hills Returning Officer’s Office
    Level 2, 72-74 Cecil Avenue, Castle Hill NSW 2154
    28 August - 8 September 2017
    Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm
    Friday (8 September) 8:30am - 6pm
    Saturday 9am -5pm
    Sunday closed

    Baulkham Hills Pre-Poll
    3 Columbia Court, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153
    28 August - 8 September 2017
    Monday - Saturday 8:30am - 4:30pm
    Sunday closed

    You can also vote early, and on election day, at Sydney Town Hall, 483 George Street, Marconi Room (entry from Druitt Street) from Monday, 28 August 2017.

    Voting by post
    You can apply online for a postal vote from http://www.votensw or by calling 1300 135 736.
    Your application must be completed and received by the NSW Electoral Commission no later than 5pm Monday, 4 September 2017.

    2017 Elections - Key Dates & Deadlines

    The election for The Hills Shire Council is being held on 9 September 2017. In the lead up to the election there are some deadlines that must be met if you are planning on nominating for election to Council. Some key election dates and information for prospective candidates are provided below:-

    Key Election Dates - Election Calendar 2017(PDF, 209KB)

    (as currently advertised by the NSW Electoral Commision)

    • 31 July 2017 - Close of Authorised Roll and Close of Non-Residential Role (6.00pm) Nominations as a Candidate for the Election open
    • 9 August 2017 - Close of Nominations (12.00noon), Registration of Electoral Material (how-to-vote) commences
    • 28 August 2017- Pre-poll voting opens
    • 1 September 2017 - Registration of how-to-vote closes (5.00pm)
    • 4 September 2017 - Postal vote applications close (5.00pm)
    • 8 September 2017 - Pre-poll voting closes (6.00pm)
    • 9 September 2017 - ELECTION DAY
    • 11 September 2017 - Return of postal votes closes (6.00pm)

    For more information about registration, nomination, election campaign finances, voting and other election processes, as well as important dates and deadlines, go to the NSW Electoral Commission website at or  

    Election Signage

    Exempt Provisions of the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Code) 2008 in relation to election signs

    An election sign is as a temporary advertisement advertising a political candidate or candidates, a registered political party or a campaign for a local government election.

    Candidates for the election can erect election signage without approval provided consent is gained from the owner of the land on which the sign is placed and that the sign complies with the development standards below:

    • not be more than 0.8m2 in area, and
    • if on the site of a heritage item or draft heritage item-not be attached to a building, and
    • be displayed by or on behalf of a candidate at an election referred to in clause 2.106 or the party (if any) of any such candidate, and
    • be displayed in accordance with any relevant requirements of the Act under which the election is held, and
    • be displayed only during the following periods:
    1. Five (5) weeks immediately preceding the day on which the election is held,
    2. The day on which the election is held,
    3. One (1) week immediately following the day on which the election is held.

    Endeavour Energy request that election signs not be placed on their power poles or other network assets during the upcoming election campaign. They advise that the unauthorised use of their network to post signs is a breach of both the Electricity Supply Act 1995 and the Graffiti Control Act 2008 and breaches strict safety rules for working on or near electricity infrastructure, particularly when poles and streetlight columns are adjacent to public roads. Should posters or advertising appear on their assets, they will remove them and invoice the organisation responsible for the cost of doing so.

    Non-Residential Voters

    The non-residential rolls contain the name and address of all those with an entitlement to vote as non-residents, as verified by the New South Wales Electoral Commission.

    You’re an individual if:

    You are a person who owns, occupies or leases property within The Hills Shire Local Government Area, and you are not a resident of The Hills Shire Local Government Area. This may include where you operate a business from your premises as a sole trader.

    You’re a corporation if:

    Your organisation is established as a body corporate under current legislation, for example a corporation established as such under the Corporations Act 2001, trade union established under the Industrial Relations Act 1996 (NSW) or an incorporated association registered under the Associations Incorporations Act 2009 (NSW). For further clarification we suggest you seek your own legal advice. Alternatively, submit the required forms to the Council and we will process them, in order to determine eligibility.

    How many times can my name appear on the electoral roll?

    A person can only appear once on the electoral roll.

    For example, if you are enrolled as a resident of The Hills Shire Local Government Area, you cannot also be included on the non-residential roll even if you are nominated as a company officer for a company that occupies property within The Hills Shire Local Government Area.

    Likewise, regardless of how many rateable properties you own, occupy or lease, by yourself or with others, in The Hills Shire Local Government Area, you may only appear once on the electoral roll.

    How many votes can a person have?

    Any person can only vote once regardless of the number of rateable properties they own, occupy or lease in The Hills Shire Local Government Area.

    More detailed information on eligibility can be obtained from the NSW Electoral Commission website


    About the 2012 Council Elections and Referendum

    The Local Government elections were held on Saturday 8 September, 2012.

    Council Election Results

    On Monday 17 September 2012, the Returning Officer for the election of The Hills Shire Councillors officially declared the following persons elected as Councillors until the next ordinary election of the Council (scheduled for September 2017):

    Central Ward - Clr Yvonne Keane, Clr Dr Jeff Lowe, Clr Tony Hay OAM

    East Ward - Clr Andrew Jefferies, Clr Ryan Tracey, Clr Alan Haselden

    North Ward - Clr Robyn Preston, Clr Peter Gangemi, Clr Mark Taylor

    West Ward - Clr Dr Michelle Byrne - Adjunct Professor, Clr Raymond Harty OAM, Clr Mike Thomas

    The Constitutional Referendum

    The Constitutional Referendum conducted in conjunction with the elections on 8 September with the following question:

    Do you favour the election of the mayor by electors for a four year term which will necessarily increases the number of Councillors by 1?

    favoured the YES case:

    YES 49,018
    NO 43,702
    TOTAL 92,720
    INFORMAL 7955
    TOTAL 100,675

    Therefore from September 2016 Council will have its Mayor elected by the people rather than by fellow Councillors and there will be 13 Councillors on Council.