Report Abandoned Trolleys

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Abandoned trolleys can obstruct roads or footpaths, become a trip hazard or end up in our waterways.

The Hills Shire Council encourages residents to do the right thing by not removing trolleys from shopping centres. These days there are other delivery options including 'click and collect' or home delivery.

Leaving a shopping trolley unattended in a public place is an offence and fines may apply.

Report and abandoned trolley from:

Woolworths, Big W, Dan Murphy's, IGA

Report an abandoned trolley using Trolleytracker

To report abandoned trolleys from retailers using Trolley Tracker, visit, download the Trolley Tracker App (IOS or Android) or call 1800 641 497


Report an abandoned trolley from Coles


Report an abandoned trolley from Target 

To report abandoned trolleys from Target, call 1800 163 900.


Report an abandoned trolley from Kmart

You can report an abandoned trolley at any time by calling 1800 876 553.

What Council is Doing

Council has met with and written to all local retailers who use trolleys to encourage them to consider using geospatial fenced trolley containment systems if they don’t already.

The Public Spaces (Unattended Property) Act 2021 and accompanying Public Spaces (Unattended Property) Regulation 2022 came into force on 1 November 2022.

These new laws repeal and replace the outdated Impounding Act 1993 and help protect our valuable public spaces from abandoned and unattended items.

The new laws provide councils with stronger powers and penalties to clear our footpaths, streets, parks, bushland and waterways of abandoned and unattended property.  It also creates a strong incentive for people to take responsibility for their property in public, including shopping trolleys.

These reforms were developed following widespread consultation with councils, members of the public, industry/business groups, retailers, peak bodies and government agencies.

Under the new laws owners and others responsible for private property left in public face stronger regulatory action if they do not remove their property within risk-based timeframes.

This includes;

  • If it is obstructing access or poses a risk Council can take possession of the item 3 hours after first notifying the owner.   
  • If it is causing an amenity impact or left the in the same place too long (unattended period 7 days) Council can take possession of the item 4 days after notifying the owner (total of 11 days).


From 1 May 2023, authorised officers will be able to issue fines for all applicable offences under these laws.

This includes fines relating to unattended shopping trolleys left in public, as well as fines for breaches of the Code of Practice for Class 2 Items – Shopping Trolleys and other Sharing Service Items, which requires Class 2 items to be safe to use and clearly branded with the operator’s contact details.

Report unattended trolleys to Council that pose a risk or have been left for 7 days

Find out more about the new laws and what they mean for you.