Grey Water Re-Use

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Greywater is water from washing machines, laundry tubs, showers, hand basins and baths. It does not include wastewater from toilets, urinals, bidettes and kitchens. Greywater may be contaminated by micro-organisms, chemicals and physical material such as lint.

In sewered residential premises, greywater may be reused in one of three ways:  


Manual Bucketing

Greywater may be collected from the washing machine, shower or bath tub in a bucket and then immediately used to irrigate gardens, lawns and outdoor pot plants. The water must not be stored.

The water may also be used to manually flush toilets by pouring directly into the toilet bowl.


Greywater Diversion Device

A Greywater Diversion Device receives greywater from bathroom and laundry fixtures and diverts the water from the sewer to a subsurface irrigation area by means of a hand activated valve or switch. The system does not store greywater and diverts the water back to the sewer when not being used.


Greywater Treatment System

Approvals to Install and Operate Greywater Treatment Systems are required under section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993.

These systems store, treat and disinfect the water before it being used in spray or subsurface irrigation, toilet flushing or use in the laundry. In sewered areas, the system will have an overflow to the sewer.

Only those systems that have NSW Health accreditation may be installed.

Applications for an Approval to Install must be accompanied by the matters listed in the Local Government (General) Regulation 2021 - NSW Legislation.

Once satisfactorily installed, an Approval to Operate will be issued for a limited period, depending on the risk factors associated with the system.

Greywater Treatment Systems are required to be maintained every three months by an appropriately qualified person, with a copy of the service report sent to Council.