External Training & Support

Training Opportunities

See the list of organisations below that provide training and opportunities for Youth.

Note: These are external organisations, separate from The Hills Shire Council, with events taking place in neighbouring Local Government Areas.

All Together Now

Agent C Project

The Agent C Project is a free program available to any young person (14-21), school or service in NSW. Agent C is a project led by All Together Now in partnership with Headspace Camperdown and Urbis focusing on online hate, racism, hateful conspiracy theories, misinformation and fake news.

The aim of Agent C is to develop specialised training with and for young people in order to challenge divisive and hateful conspiracy theories and fake news. This includes but is not limited to far-right extremist conspiracy theories and fake news narratives.  All Together Now have co-designed with young people a series of 3 workshops, 1.5 hours each (flexible) delivered online via zoom.

The workshops look at misinformation, fake news, conspiracy theories, and online hate. In particular, they look at divisive, racist/hateful fake news and conspiracy theories. Young people will be given the skills to critically engage with this type of content when they come across it. The program is a great mix of both media and racial literacy.

It aims to enhance the confidence and capacity of young people aged 14-21 to unpack and critically engage with hateful conspiracy theories and fake news and to have stimulating conversations with their peers encouraging critical thinking.

If you're worried about the young people you work with engaging with problematic online content then this program will be relevant for them.

Funding for the project has been provided by the NSW Government through Multicultural NSW.

The workshops are completely free and delivered to students/young people at no cost to the school/service.

You can also read more on the All Together Now Website.

There are 2 options for participation in the program:

  • As a school or youth service in NSW you can request to host a set of Agent C workshops exclusively for your school or youth service and the young people you work with. Find out more here(PDF, 123KB) about how to arrange Agent C workshops for your school or youth service.
  • Individual young people can sign up directly themselves to participate in the program. If you are a school or service but don't have enough young people to host a set of workshops you can sign up individual young people for the public sessions. There will be workshops open to the public that any young person aged 14-21 can sign up for and participate in. Information about how to register for these public sessions will be found here(PDF, 125KB).

Youth Action

Are you a young person aged 15-25? Do you have experience volunteering or trying to volunteer and facing challenges?

If so, we would love for you to be involved in our Volunteer Voices project, to give you an opportunity to share your experience as a young person by being involved in 2 focus groups and 1 day of filming between now and December 2023.

SSI (Settlement Services International) are coordinating a project in partnership with the NSW Centre of Volunteering, which is developing an online training program, for volunteer involving organisations (VIOs) to be more inclusive within their volunteering practices and engagement, which includes when working with young people.

The e-module will focus on the experiences of people who have volunteered, attempted to volunteer or are thinking about volunteering in the future.

The project has an intersectional focus and will aim to engage First Nations communities, Australian newcomers, people with a disability, and younger and older Australians whilst considering other aspects of identity that could also exist and overlap.

Through lived experience videos, the project will provide an opportunity for you to express your needs, the barriers you face in society and your ideas and solutions to overcoming these barriers.

The videos will be available on the NSW Centre for Volunteering Website as a learning resource for volunteer managers across Australia, and our research to support the content will also be guided by peak bodies in NSW who support the above-mentioned communities, including Youth Action. You will be reimbursed for your time and travel.

We would love to hear what you have to say about your experiences! Please contact the Volunteer Voices Project Officer, Jess Baker on jessicab@ssi.org.au if you or someone you support would like more information or to have a chat about how your voice can be heard in this space!

Youth Rezolutions

Youth Rezolutions delivers a range of courses that help young people acquire important life skills, employment skills and accreditations.

Click here for more information

Other Useful Material

Youth Worker Factsheet - Supporting young people to get a sexual health check(PDF, 180KB)