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Nature of this Information

Council’s vegetation mapping program commenced in 2000 as part of Council’s Sustainable Natural Assets Assessment Program and will continue to be updated as new data becomes available or more detailed survey worked is carried out.

The mapping incorporates aerial photography, vegetation/bushland cover and field survey work. The mapping identifies a variety of vegetation types across the Shire, including endangered ecological communities.

In addition to the vegetation communities identified by the mapping, The Hills Shire is also home to a wide range of individual flora and fauna species which may be threatened or endangered. These species are not identified within the mapping however are relevant if you are undertaking works upon a site.

For more information please refer to the following fact sheets:

Development and Threatened Species - Fact Sheet(PDF, 2MB)

Ecological Assessment for Proposed Development - Fact Sheet(PDF, 81KB)


Source of this Information

This vegetation data has been delineated using remote sensing techniques and data derived from aerial imagery, LIDAR and NDVI at 1 metre resolution in addition to on-ground inspections.

All data layers used to delineate vegetation were collected from August to December 2008. Vegetation types have been derived from Council’s previous vegetation mapping combined with ground trothing, vegetation modelling techniques and mapping from other sources such as Office of Environment and Heritage’s “The Native Vegetation of the Sydney Metropolitan Area” (2013). 



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