Development Contributions


Section 7.11 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979 enables Councils in New South Wales to levy contributions upon a development where that development generates an increased demand upon Council's services and facilities.

This power is intended to ensure that the existing ratepayers are not required to meet the cost of providing for new roads, community centres, libraries, open space and recreation facilities, the need for which arises from incoming populations occupying new residential developments.

Section 7.11 can also be applied to non-residential development such as retail, commercial or industrial development, to meet increased demand for car-parking, road construction or traffic management.

To implement Section 7.11, Councils must prepare a Contribution Plan. The plan identifies and costs all the works/facilities and land acquisitions necessary to meet the needs of the incoming population and calculates what contribution payment is required for each new residential lot, villa, townhouse or apartment.

Number of Plan

Name of Plan

The Hills Section 7.12 Contributions Plan

The Hills Section 7.12 Contributions Plan(PDF, 23MB)

Schedule 1 - Cost Summary Report less than $3M(XLSX, 35KB)

Schedule 2 - Cost Summary Report more than $3M(XLSX, 37KB)

The Norwest Innovation Section 7.12 Contributions Plan

The Norwest Innovation Section 7.12 Contributions Plan(PDF, 4MB)

Schedule 1 - Cost Summary Report less than $3M(XLSX, 35KB)

Schedule 2 - Cost Summary Report more than $3M(XLSX, 37KB)

CP 1       


CP 2


CP 3


CP 4


CP 5


CP 6

CP No 6 - Extractive Industries(PDF, 2MB)

CP 7


CP 8

CP No 8 - Kellyville Rouse Hill(PDF, 21MB)

CP 9

CP No 9 - Castle Hill Town Centre(PDF, 3MB)

CP 10


CP 11

CP No 11 - Annangrove Road Employment Area(PDF, 2MB)

CP 12

CP No 12 - Balmoral Road(PDF, 3MB)

CP 13         

CP No 13 - North Kellyville Precinct(PDF, 5MB)

CP 14   

Carlingford Precinct now located in City of Parramatta.

Document available at

CP 15

CP No 15 - Box Hill Precinct(PDF, 9MB)

CP 16

CP No 16 - Gables Precinct(PDF, 3MB)

CP 17

CP No 17 - Castle Hill North Precinct(PDF, 3MB)

CP 18

CP No 18 - Bella Vista & Kellyville Station Precincts(PDF, 3MB)

CP 19

CP No 19 - Showground Precinct(PDF, 2MB)


Section 7.11/7.12 Rates Schedule

Section 7.11 / 7.12 Contribution Rates Schedule(PDF, 283KB)

Should you have any queries regarding the Council's current Rates Schedule or which plan applies to your property, please contact Council's Development Contributions Officer on +61 2 9843 0555.


Local Contributions Register

Under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2021, councils are required to publish a local contributions register on their website from 1 July 2022.

The Hills Local Contributions Register can be viewed here.

Please note, Council’s contributions register is updated monthly. Should you require details relating to a more recent contribution than what is available in the contributions register, please contact Council via this online form, specifying the required date range, contributions plan number, and / or development application number.

The Contribution Register should not be relied upon for the most up to date contributions payable in relation to a development application or complying development certificate. Before you pay contribution fees, please contact Council’s Contribution Officer on 02 9843 0555 to confirm the fees.


Payment of Development Contributions

As per Council’s exhibited Fees and Charges effective from 1 July 2022, The Hills Shire Council is planning to go ‘cashless’. From this date, the payment of development contributions via cash or cheque will no longer be accepted.

Please refer to the following link for further information and payment options: Customer Service Centres.


Development Contributions and Complying Development

Under Section 141 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2021, registered certifiers must upload a copy of complying development certificates (CDCs) to the NSW Planning Portal within 2 days of approval. Council requires a copy of the CDC before contribution fees can be paid.