Protecting Our Heritage

The heritage of The Hills Shire is a valuable and non-renewable resource which assists in the development and interpretation of the Shire's character and identity. As with other non-renewable resources heritage requires protection and conservation if it is to be enjoyed by future generations.

Places of heritage significance provide a link to the past informing us about our cultural history and often providing a sense of identity for a community. They may consist of landscapes, places, buildings, structures, relics or works which are valued not simply because they are old but because they are associated with phases of history or people and events of great importance. 

The conservation and preservation of the Shire's heritage is often in competition with development in the Shire particularly in periods of significant urban growth and renewal. This factor has placed great pressure on Council to protect and ensure the long term conservation of the Shire's heritage for the benefit of present and future generations. 

Who is Responsible for the Shire's Heritage?

Local councils have the primary responsibility for identifying and managing places of heritage significance in New South Wales. In particular the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979 and Heritage Act, 1977 requires all local councils to protect heritage items and conservation areas through their identification in planning instruments.

Council has included a list of heritage items and conservation areas in Schedule 5 of The Hills Local Environmental Plan 2012 (LEP). Special provisions apply to these items the purpose of which is to ensure their protection, facilitate conservation and ensure development is undertaken in a sympathetic manner.

In assessing development applications affecting heritage items, Council also has regard to the provisions of the The Hills Development Control Plan 2012 - Part C Section 4 - Heritage and principles of the ICOMOS Burra Charter.

Heritage NSW is largely responsible for protecting heritage that is considered to be of State significance. There are several items in the Shire that are listed on the State Heritage Register under the Heritage Act, 1977. This generally means that the approval of the NSW Heritage Council is also required when works to these items are proposed.

Fact Sheet - Researching Your Homes Heritage(PDF, 2MB)

Fact Sheet - What Does Heritage Listing Mean(PDF, 2MB)