Vehicular Crossing Request (Driveways)

Section 138 of the Roads Act 1993 requires that Council consent be obtained for works within the road reserve. This includes new or replacement driveways (or vehicular crossings). This approval is necessary to ensure the work complies with Australian Standards and Council policies and that the safety of all road users, including pedestrians and cyclists, are protected, both during and after construction.

Any works undertaken in the road reserve without Council approval may need to be removed if deemed to be a public liability or safety risk.

Driveways are only permitted in conjunction with the provision of access to an approved garage, carport or parking space.

Only one driveway is permitted per residential lot. More than one driveway is not usually supported except for very specific circumstances. Separate, specific written Council approval is necessary for any additional driveways and is subject to strict criteria as set out in Council’s Driveway Specifications.

Regarding Contractors

Council does not have a list of preferred or required contractors.

  • The contractor (typically a concreter) must have a current public liability insurance policy for no less than $10 million and be appropriately skilled and experienced to carry out the works.
  • The contractor/s need to be included with the request and so you need to have selected the contractor beforehand.
  • A copy of the contractors current public liability insurance policy must be submitted with the request. If the policy is due to expire within two months of the request having been made, it is the responsibility of the applicant to submit an updated copy if the works are not completed before it expires.
  • If the contractor changes it is the responsibility of the applicant to submit the new contractors details along with a copy of their current public liability insurance policy.
  • Contactors are responsible for ensuring any sub-contractors comply with these requirements.

Failure to comply with any of these requirements will result in a failed inspection result and possible further action.

Lodging Your Application

Council does not provide design levels for new or replacement driveways. Rather, the driveway set out needs to provide for compliant gradients as per Council’s Driveway Specifications (see related documents at the bottom of this page).

No work is to be carried out until a Vehicular Crossing Request has been lodged with, and accepted by, Council.

Incomplete or incorrect applications will not be accepted by Council.

Each driveway requires its own Vehicular Crossing Request (for example, a single development with three separate driveways will require three separate Vehicular Crossing Requests).

The Vehicular Crossing Request can be lodged online using:

  • this online application process or
  • in person (using the PDF form found at the bottom of this page) at Council’s Customer Service Centre, Castle Hill Library or Rouse Hill Library.
  • The fee for each driveway is set out in Council’s adopted Schedule of Fees and Charges. There is one fee for residential (single dwelling house) driveways and one for heavier duty driveways servicing medium or high density residential, mixed use, retail, commercial or industrial developments.


After Lodgement and Inspections

Once the Vehicular Crossing Request has been lodged with, and accepted by, Council works can start.

Council’s Driveway Specifications (see below) includes details relating to the process and timing of inspections that must be followed.

The contractor is able to undertake preliminary works on site, including excavation, the placing of formwork and reinforcement and the relocation of existing services, street furniture and street trees.

Once these preliminary works are finalised Council must be contacted to arrange for an inspection, 24 hours in advance.

To arrange for an inspection, contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 02 9843 0555. Council’s inspector will visit the site to determine if the preliminary works have been undertaken in accordance with Council’s Driveway Specifications.

Should the preliminary works be approved, the contractor will be able to pour concrete.

Once the driveway has been poured an optional final inspection can be requested.


Complying Certificate

Clause 1.18 of State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008 requires written consent from the roads authority for any road opening before a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) can be issued.

Because the contractor, who will carry out the driveway works is normally not known at this stage, and this information is required to lodge a driveway application, a CDC may be issued before a driveway application is lodged, subject to the driveway application being approved and the driveway constructed before an Occupation Certificate is issued for the development.


For more information

For more information or assistance with respect to driveways contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 02 9843 0555 or Council’s Subdivision Duty Officer on 02 9843 0374.

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