Emergency Management Committee


The involvement of Local Government in all stages of an emergency is critical.

This is recognised by the State Emergency Rescue and Management Act, 1989.

Council provides executive support facilities for:

  • The Emergency Management Committee and
  • The Local Emergency Operations Controller (LEOCON) (Senior Police Officer).


A senior officer of Council provides support. This officer's title is the Local Emergency Management Officer (LEMO).

The Chairman of The Hills Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC) Michael Lathlean (Asset Management, Roads and Parks, Shire Strategy).

Mr Lathlean is also the LEMO - He is contactable on +61 02 9843 0555 during business hours.

The Local Emergency Operations Controller (LEOCON) is Superintendent Darrin Batchelor, Commander – Hills Police Area Command.


Local Emergency Management Committee Key Documents

Located below are some documents relating to the Local Emergency Management Committee which may be of information to residents of The Hills Shire.

Local Emergency Management Committee Charter(PDF, 288KB)

The Hills Shire Local Emergency Management Plan (excerpt)(PDF, 2MB) (Please note this plan does contain Part 3 – Restricted Operational Information)

The Hills Shire Local Flood Plan(PDF, 1MB)

LEMC Emergency Risk Management Study - March 2015(PDF, 4MB)

About the Emergency Risk Management Study

Emergency risk management is the responsibility of the Local Emergency Management Committee.

Their responsibility is to:

  • Identify and analyse local hazards
  • To use this to inform and review the local DISPLAN

The study includes information about

  • The history of major hazards, bushfires, floods and storms and
  • The emergency management process

It describes the Shire by:

  • location
  • environmental scan
  • catchment
  • growth
  • geology
  • vegetation communities
  • climate
  • demographics
  • environment

It also identifies hazards and provides analysis of:

  • The history of major hazards and vulnerable communities
  • Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC)
  • Recovery
  • Monitoring & Review
  • Actions


Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC) Meetings & Minutes



LEMC Meeting Draft Minutes - 5 February 2024(PDF, 137KB)



LEMC Meeting Minutes - 9 October 2023(PDF, 157KB)

LEMC Meeting Minutes - 3rd July 2023(PDF, 175KB)  

LEMC Meeting Minutes - 6 February 2023(PDF, 1MB)



LEMC Meeting Minutes - 4 April 2022(PDF, 245KB)



LEMC Meeting Minutes - 9 December 2021(PDF, 268KB)

LEMC Meeting Minutes - 10 May 2021(PDF, 286KB)

LEMC Meeting Agenda - 10 May 2021(PDF, 275KB)



LEMC Meeting Minutes - 7 December 2020(PDF, 541KB)

LEMC Meeting Minutes - 7 September 2020(PDF, 208KB) 

LEMC Meeting Minutes - 24 February 2020(PDF, 276KB)



LEMC Meeting Minutes 4 November 2019(PDF, 260KB)

LEMC Meeting Minutes 1 July 2019(PDF, 251KB)

LEMC Meeting Minutes 25 February 2019(PDF, 245KB)


LEMC Draft Meeting Minutes 5 November 2018(PDF, 762KB)

LEMC Meeting Minutes 2 July 2018(PDF, 256KB)

LEMC Meeting Minutes 26 February 2018(PDF, 194KB)


LEMC Meeting Minutes 6 November 2017(PDF, 108KB)

LEMC Meeting Minutes 3 July 2017(PDF, 115KB)

LEMC Meeting Minutes 6 March 2017(PDF, 974KB)


LEMC Meeting Minutes November 2016(PDF, 422KB)

LEMC Meeting Minutes 4 July 2016(PDF, 78KB)

LEMC Meeting Agenda 4 July 2016(PDF, 73KB)

LEMC Meeting Minutes 14 March 2016(PDF, 408KB)


LEMC Meeting Minutes 9 November 2015(PDF, 65KB)

LEMC Meeting Minutes 6 July 2015(PDF, 78KB)

LEMC Meeting Minutes 9 March 2015(PDF, 69KB)


LEMC Meeting Minutes 10 November 2014(PDF, 65KB)

LEMC Meeting Minutes July - August 2014(PDF, 65KB)

LEMC Meeting Minutes 10 March 2014(PDF, 2MB)


LEMC Meeting 4 November 2013(PDF, 2MB)

LEMC - Meeting Minutes 1 July 2013(PDF, 229KB)

LEMC - Meeting Minutes 4 March 2013(PDF, 278KB)


LEMC - Meeting Minutes 5 November 2012(PDF, 2MB)

LEMC - Meeting Minutes 2 July 2012(PDF, 194KB)