Do You Require Development Approval?

You are legally bound to submit a Development Application (DA) to Council for any building, demolition or subdivision works and for any development requiring consent under The Hills Local Environmental Plan (The Hills LEP) 2019. The Hills LEP 2019 outlines, among other things, the land uses permissible within different zones of The Hills Shire.

Prior to submitting an application, obtain and read carefully any relevant Development Control Plans (DCP) or guidelines to the development proposed.

Development Applications are required so that Council may assess your plans and information, inspect your property and determine whether your proposal is appropriate.

Council seeks to ensure that a proposal:

  • Is a permissible and appropriate use of the site according to its zoning;
  • Complies with the provisions of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (as amended);
  • Complies with the relevant Development Control Plan (DCP) or the land-use activity.
  • Complies with any Development Control Plans applicable to the land;
  • Has no detrimental visual impact upon a locality;
  • Has no adverse impact upon occupants of adjacent properties in the locality.


Discuss your application with a Development Advisor or organise a Pre-Lodgement Meeting

Need advice about Council regulations that might affect your building or development project?

From garden sheds to granny flats and more – our Development Advisor will assist you to understand the application process requirements.

To organise an appointment with a Development Advisor (to be held at Council's Customer Service Centre - 3 Columbia Court Norwest) it is essential to book online before you visit.

The online booking process will reduce your wait time and allow us to better understand your project before you arrive. 

We will send you confirmation of your appointment time – we look forward to assisting you soon!

Find out more here.


Need assistance with large scale or complex developments?

A formal pre-lodgement meeting is required prior to the lodgement of a Development Application for the following types of larger scale or more complex developments:

  • Residential flat buildings
  • Multi dwelling housing development
  • Small lot housing (Refer to Clause 4.1B Exceptions to minimum lot sizes for certain residential development of The Hills Local Environmental Plan 2012)
  • Affordable Rental Housing (not Secondary Dwellings)
  • Seniors Living developments
  • Child Care Centres
  • New or extensions/alterations to commercial developments
  • New or extensions/alterations to industrial buildings
  • Designated development
  • Telecommunications Facilities
  • Larger scale rural activities
  • Subdivision proposals (as outlined above).

More information and an online request form is available here.