Annangrove Park Sportsground


Annangrove Park features a single sports field best suited to local level sports - Soccer in Winter and Cricket in Summer. The synthetic cricket pitch is located in the centre and is covered in the Winter.

  • Lighting is available for Match Play.
  • There are no amenities for sporting groups.
  • Public Toilets are Open 24 hrs.
  • One large picnic shelter (12 People) with additional tables scattered throughout the area.
  • Playground suited to 8 to 12 year olds.
  • Reserve space to the north and west are threatened species areas. No activities allowed.

The Park also has barbecue and picnic facilities, public toilets, playground, cricket pitch and off-street parking.

Tennis facilities are also available for hire - click here for more information.

As well as these facilities and some informal walking tracks, Annangrove Park contains bushland of high conservation significance, including threatened species Tetratheca glanulosa, Darwinia biflora, Leucopogon fletcheri, Hibbertia superans, Pimelea curviflora, Glossy black cockatoos, and Red crowned toadlets.

Higher areas have fragments of the endangered bush communities Sydney Turpentine Ironbark Forest and Shale Sandstone Transition Forest.

After years of mowing in the past, with the help of volunteers the forest next to the field is now regenerating. Many of the native groundcovers and understorey plants have survived.

Annangrove Park is also home to Council's Environment Centre.

Why not visit the 'no mow zone' an area of regenerating bushland adjacent to the sporting field.  Since mowing has ceased the bushland has returned.


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