Metro Walks in The Hills

Discover hidden gems on these urban hikes


You don’t have to leave The Hills to discover hidden gems, secret charms, wonderful scenery and native wildlife - Get to know more about Norwest, Bella Vista and Kellyville/Rouse Hill on The Hills Shire’s newest walks.

These walks take you to a number of small lakes and creeks lines where you can see plenty of bird life and local wildlife, as well as visit a number of parks and playgrounds to stop in and have a leisurely break with the family. Add in great local restaurants and cafes, where you can grab a coffee or enjoy a bite to eat along the way, and you have the perfect outing.

Discover more about your local community and get active in the process.

Please remember to observe Public Health Order restrictions when using these maps at this time.


Self-guided Metro Walking Maps

Each of the metrowalk fact sheets featured in this series includes detailed information including starting points, distances, difficulty levels, step-by-step directions, time to complete and points of interest along the way.


The Hills Shire Council has taken all reasonable care in providing walk descriptions and related information however does not provide any guarantee as to the completeness or currency of the spatial and textual information that has been generated in these documents. The use of the information provided herein is entirely at the user’s risk and The Hills Shire Council accepts no responsibility for any loss, injury, damage, mishap or inconvenience sustained by anyone relying on the information contained within this document. The geographical information provided for the walk route is a suggestion only and it is the responsibility of each person undertaking the walk to assess for themselves the best and safest way to proceed through the walk. Each individual must exercise their own independent judgment as to whether the walk routes suggested by The Hills Shire Council are safe for the walker having regard to their fitness, training, skill, age and experience. All outdoor activities involve some risk of death or injury such as bush fires, snake bites, ankle sprains, heat exhaustion (as some examples only) and users of these maps and walking routes must be aware of such risks in carrying out a walk and each individual bears their own responsibility for the potential risks.




Norwest to Bella Vista Stations - The Farm Walk(PDF, 6MB)



Bella Vista to Norwest Stations - The Wetlands Wildlife Walk(PDF, 5MB)



Kellyville-to-Rouse-Hill-Station.jpg(PDF, 4MB)



Kellyville Station to Rouse Hill Stations - The Woodlands Walk(PDF, 4MB)