Councillor Reena Jethi (Deputy Mayor)

(Deputy Mayor) Clr R Jethi - West Ward

Political Affiliation: Liberal Party of Australia

Contact Details:

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2019 welcomes all Hills Shire residents with a big smile - it is destined to be a year of decision making on many levels. With the State and Federal elections, your SAY will reign supreme. Please make sure you vote!

At the same time there will be lot of questions. What new is happening in The Hills Shire? When is the Metro train coming? Which station will be closest for me and my family to commute? Would I really need to get my car out of garage? Will there be another school, hospital or shopping centre in the area? And the list goes on.

I cannot guarantee answers to all your questions immediately, although, one thing I can assure you of is that, as your local councillor I am working for you, the Hills Shire residents.

Those residents who elected me, who are my neighbours, who are local business owners like me, whose kids go to the local child care centre with my little cherub and who are proud to be local residents. As a person who lives locally and works locally, I understand what matters most to you in your daily work life balance.

As a family, I understand the relief the North West Metro rail link will bring to your life. This is an amazing transport alternative that over time will build a resilience in our community as well as adding convenience. We are all looking for that extra hour to spend with family and improved transport and growing job opportunities closer to home will help that cause. I realise that it has been challenging for our community with so many big projects underway – like the construction of the rail link and the upcoming refurbishment of our public pool - but ultimately these projects will bring better outcomes for us all.

As a mother, I understand the smile on your child’s face when swimming in the world-class swimming pool. As a local business owner, I understand how important it is to establish the footing for your business to grow, flourish and prosper. For all that to happen tomorrow, we are putting the wheels in motion today.

I am aware that it has not been easy - as our residents you have been extremely patient and co-operated with us on the traffic matters and state of roads while the works were being done 24/7. But, let me assure you that all your patience is very much acknowledged and appreciated. There is always disruption before the final beautiful product is revealed.

The projects which have been embarked on, the rail, the swimming pool, the new Bernie Mullane synthetic fields - all have and will come about with your support. It is the encouragement and reassurance from the local community that keeps me going to strive for more and better.

As your councillor, I would like to say thank you. Thank you for all your feedback, faith and trust. I promise to deliver the very best for the best shire, The Hills Shire!