Temporary Road Closures

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Proposed Extension to Temporary Road Closure - Brookhollow Ave (West), Baulkham Hills

In accordance with Section 115 of the Roads Act 1993, at its meeting on 14 February 2017 Council approved the temporary closure of Brookhollow Avenue (west), Baulkham Hills at the Norwest Boulevarde intersection for a period of approximately eight months commencing on Saturday 18 March, 2017. The closure is associated with the Sydney Metro Northwest Project.

In accordance with Section 115 of the Roads Act 1993, Council has approved an extension to the temporary closure of Brookhollow Avenue (west), Baulkham Hills at the Norwest Boulevarde intersection for a further period of approximately six months until May, 2018.

The extension to the closure period is to allow completion of work associated with the construction of the Norwest station on the Sydney Metro Northwest Project and the upgrading and signalisation of the Norwest Boulevarde/Brookhollow Avenue/Century Circuit intersection.

Existing access restrictions for east-bound traffic turning right from Norwest Boulevarde into Brookhollow Avenue (east) will continue to apply until Brookhollow Avenue (west) is re-opened to traffic.

Details on access restrictions to Brookhollow Avenue (east), including alternate routes, can be found at sydneymetro.info/northwest.

Motorists are advised to follow traffic control signage in the area and drive with caution.

For more information, telephone 1800 019 989 (operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week), email trains@metronorthwest.com.au, or visit www.sydneymetro.info.



Major Night Roadwork - Windsor Road Pedestrian Bridge Installation

Council’s contractor Delaney Civil Pty Ltd is planning to close Windsor Road, between Poole Road and Acres Road for installation of the new pedestrian bridge over the road.

This work was scheduled for the nights of Friday 27 October 2017 and Saturday 28 October 2017 but has been rescheduled to a future; date to be determined.

The plan in more detail is as follows:

  • Night 1 – full closure of Windsor Road between Poole Road and Acres Road to set up crane, lift bridge into place then demobilise crane.
  • Night 2 – Full closure (or just contraflow if possible) to pour concrete path over the new bridge.

Detour Map - Windsor Road Closure(PDF, 1MB)

For more information regarding this project please contact us here.

Temporary Road Closure - Foxall Road, Kellyville (between Craven Street and Lansdowne Road)

Foxall Road, Kellyville will be temporarily closed to vehicle traffic between Craven Street and Lansdowne Road for approximately 13 weeks from Monday 25 September 2017, to allow full-width road reconstruction to take place in the fastest, most efficient way possible.

All through traffic will be diverted via Fenway Street, Kingfield Road and Landsdowne Road during the closure period.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Council’s Construction Engineer Robert DiNatale on 9843 0546 or Manager- Community Planning & Special Infrastructure Projects Michael Lathlean on 9843 0205.


Why is it necessary to close the whole road?

The full width of Foxall Road in this location is being reconstructed. While full-width road construction can potentially done one lane at a time, using this method would cause ongoing extended delays to motorists and cause queuing on Foxall Road. Closing the road temporarily in this section and using a detour enables two way traffic to be maintained at all times.

What type of roadworks are taking place?

This section of Foxall Road currently has a dip in the road that must be lifted, requiring extensive earthworks by heavy machinery. Using a detour will significantly improve commuter safety and enable the contractor to complete the work and re-open the road faster.

How long will it be closed?

Weather permitting, the length of the closure will be approximately 13 weeks commencing on 25 September 2017 with work expected to be completed before Christmas.

Why wasn’t the road completed before homes went in?

The reconstruction of Foxall Road is funded and carried out by the subdivision developer as a condition of development approval. Each developer is required to reconstruct half width of Foxall Road for the section fronting their site and full width where their development site fronts future open space, which is the case in this instance.

How will residents access their homes?

No homes are currently located in the section of road being re-constructed by the developer, therefore no access to homes will be directly affected by the temporary closure.

How will I get to the Kellyville Eggs shop?

Access to Kellyville Eggs will not be affected - customers can follow the nominated detour route.

What will the detour route be?

All traffic heading north along Foxall Road, including heavy vehicles, will be detoured via Fenway Street, Kingfield Road and Lansdowne Road. Southbound traffic will be detoured by Lansdowne Road, Kingfield Road and Fenway Street. The total length of the detour will be approximately 700 metres.

What is Council doing to make sure this doesn’t impact Samantha Riley Drive?

As traffic will continue to move along Foxall Road and the nominated detour route, there should be no impact on Samantha Riley Drive.



Proposed Temporary Road Closure - White Hart Drive, Rouse Hill

In accordance with Section 115 of the Roads Act 1993, Council has agreed to the temporary closure of the section of White Hart Drive, Rouse Hill east of Caddies Boulevarde to vehicle traffic. This closure has been extended until 5 December, 2017.

The purpose of the road closure is to enable works associated with the development at 93 Caddies Boulevarde, Rouse Hill.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Council’s Road Safety Officer, Angela Vernicos on 02 9843 0145.




The State Government's Roads and Maritime Services (formerly the RTA) maintains major roads such as Windsor Road, Old Northern Road and Showground Road. It is the RMS' responsibility to make improvements to these roads such as installing clearways along Old Northern Road in front of Castle Towers and Old Northern Road just north of the Seven Hills Road/Windsor Road intersection.

The State Government has stated that competing priorities in funding for other State road projects across the metropolitan area means that some road projects within the Shire, such as the ones mentioned above, are unable to be funded at the present time.

Residents can assist the process by raising RMS road issues with their Local Member of Parliament.

Traffic concerns are often raised by residents and the business community. Generally, people ask about the future of main arterial roads like Showground Road, Windsor Road, and Norwest Boulevarde.

A Key priority of Council’s community strategy is to improve road and traffic facilities to make using our roads safer and more efficient. Council has a number of plans proposed and these form the traffic and transport blueprint. 

Traffic and Transport Blueprint for Key Projects(PDF, 221KB)