Temporary Road Closures

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Temporary Road Closures

Half-Road Closures

Box Hill

Works have commenced (installation of drainage culverts) on 5 Nelson Road and 9 Box Road, Box Hill frontages (approx. 250m north west of its intersection with Windsor Road) resulting in half-road closure for approx 25 weeks (weather depending). Portable traffic signals will be in place for this half road closure.

9 Box Road and 5 Nelson Rd Half Road Closure Traffic Control Plan(PDF, 334KB)

Box Hill

Roadworks have commenced at 184 & 188, Box Hill resulting in half-road closure for approx 5 - 10 weeks (weather depending). Portable traffic signals will be in place for this half road closure Mon - Fri 7am - 6pm and Sat 8am - 1pm.

184-188 Old Pitt Town Road Box Hill - East & West Bound Signals.pdf(PDF, 494KB)


Full Road Closures

Norwest – Temporary access changes to Brookhollow Avenue & Century Circuit

The Northwest Rapid Transit Consortium (NRT) will complete a traffic switch on Norwest Boulevarde on Tuesday 8 January (out-of-hours work will be undertaken between 8pm and 5am).

From Wednesday 9 January for approximately two weeks, road work will be undertaken within the intersection of Norwest Boulevarde, Century Circuit and Brookhollow Avenue (west). This work will include construction of medians and road pavement within the intersection and is required in preparation for the installation of traffic lights in coming weeks. 

Due to the extent of excavation work this will require changes to traffic conditions.  During these works the roundabout will be closed to traffic, and access into and out of Century Circuit and Brookhollow Avenue (west) will be left turn in and left turn out only.

Right turn access into and out of Brookhollow Avenue will be via the roundabout north on Norwest Boulevarde near Brookhollow Avenue (east) and Columbia Court.

Out of hours work will be undertaken in this area from 6pm to 7am, Tuesday 8 January until Friday 25 January, 2019.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, poor weather or machinery malfunction, this work will be undertaken on the next available night/s.

For more information, to register for email updates or make a complaint call 1800 019 989 (operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week), email trains@metronorthwest.com.au, or visit www.sydneymetro.info.


Temporary Road Closure, George Street Box Hill

In accordance with Section 115 of the Roads Act 1993, it is intended to temporarily close George Street, Box Hill between Old Pitt Town Road and Europa Street to vehicle traffic for six weeks commencing 19 January, 2019.

The purpose of the road closure is to enable the reconstruction of this section of George Street in conjunction with an adjoining land subdivision.

Vehicle access for residents of George Street will be maintained.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Council’s Traffic Engineer on 02 9843 0329.


Temporary Road Closure River Road, Lower Portland

Council has approved the river bank restoration for the River Road near 1585 River Rd, Lower Portland where a section of road embankment has collapsed and temporary traffic measures have been installed.

Permanent embankment stabilisation repairs will be undertaken by Champion Constructions Pty Ltd, Council’s appointed contractor, from Thursday 1 November 2018 for approximately 12 weeks (weather permitting).

River Road will be temporarily closed during this time with detour routes to be in place Monday to Saturday, 7am - 5pm.

River Road Proposed Detour Map Nov 2018(PDF, 136KB)

After hours and on Sundays a single lane access lane, controlled by temporary signalled lights, will be provided at a reduced speed limit of 40km/h.

Motorists should make allowance for the changing traffic conditions at all times.

If you have any questions in regards to the above please contact Martin Lacher – Hills Council Project Engineer on (02) 9843 0349


Temporary Road Closure Castle Hill Bus Exchange - Terminus Street to Crane Road, Old Northern Road, Castle Hill

In accordance with Section 115 of the Roads Act 1993, at its meeting on 10 April 2018 Council approved the temporary closure of the Castle Hill bus interchange in the section of Old Northern Road between Terminus Street and Crane Road for a period of approximately eight months from 29 April, 2018.

The closure is associated with the Sydney Metro Northwest project and will allow for the construction of a new bus interchange adjacent to the Castle Hill station.

During the period of the closure the existing bus interchange operations will be relocated to the Old Northern Road ‘Main Street’ precinct between Crane Road and Showground Road. This will also necessitate the closure of the Old Northern Road ‘Main Street’ precinct to north-bound traffic only. South-bound traffic including buses will still be able to drive through the ‘Main Street’ precinct.

Details on access restrictions to the Old Northern Road ‘Main Street’ precinct including alternate routes can be found under 'Construction Updates' on the Sydney Metro - Castle Hill Station web page.

Motorists, pedestrians and bus passengers are advised to follow traffic control signage in the area and be cautious.

For more information, telephone 1800 019 989 (operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week), email trains@metronorthwest.com.au, or visit www.sydneymetro.info.



More Information


The State Government's Roads and Maritime Services (formerly the RTA) maintains major roads such as Windsor Road, Old Northern Road and Showground Road. It is the RMS' responsibility to make improvements to these roads such as installing clearways along Old Northern Road in front of Castle Towers and Old Northern Road just north of the Seven Hills Road/Windsor Road intersection.

The State Government has stated that competing priorities in funding for other State road projects across the metropolitan area means that some road projects within the Shire, such as the ones mentioned above, are unable to be funded at the present time.

Residents can assist the process by raising RMS road issues with their Local Member of Parliament.

Traffic concerns are often raised by residents and the business community. Generally, people ask about the future of main arterial roads like Showground Road, Windsor Road, and Norwest Boulevarde.

A Key priority of Council’s community strategy is to improve road and traffic facilities to make using our roads safer and more efficient. Council has a number of plans proposed and these form the traffic and transport blueprint. 

Traffic and Transport Blueprint for Key Projects(PDF, 221KB)