Draft Voluntary Planning Agreement - Showground Rd Upgrade Works

Submissions Close 09 September 2016

Draft Voluntary Planning Agreement For Showground Road Upgrade Works In Association With The Castle Towers Stage 3 Expansion (FP187).


A Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) is an agreement entered into by a planning authority (such as Council) and a developer where a developer agrees to provide or fund public amenities, services or infrastructure (such as traffic upgrades) through the dedication of land, construction of infrastructure or monetary contributions.

Council resolved at its Ordinary Meeting of Tuesday 26 July 2016 to publicly exhibit a draft Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) for Showground Road upgrade works.  The draft VPA will facilitate the upgrade of Showground Road between Carrington Road and Old Northern Road in conjunction with the Stage 3 expansion of Castle Towers Shopping Centre, at no cost to Council. 

The obligations under the VPA primarily relate to QIC (the developer) and Roads and Maritime Services (RMS).  However, Council is required to be a party to the VPA as a mechanism to link the VPA to the associated Development Application and facilitate public exhibition of the draft agreement.

Enquiries: Piers Hemphill, Senior Town Planner on (02) 9843 0511


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