Aberdoon House


Aberdoon House located in Clower Avenue, Rouse Hill, is an intact example of an old Colonial Georgian Cottage typical of the early settlement of the Rouse Hill district. The land surrounding was granted to Thomas Clower on 13 January 1818. Clower, a former convict, arrived in the colony in 1798.

The subsequent owner, Hugh Kelly, was a well known early settler and landowner. The township of Kellyville owes its origins to his name. Kelly purchased the property in 1826 and also owned the nearby 'Bird in the Hand' tavern located near Windsor Road. He named his farm 'Vinegar Hill Farm' to distinguish it from the many properties he owned around the district.

The property passed to Alexander and William Gamack in 1841, who subdivided the part of the original Clower grant adjacent to Windsor Road into several smallholdings of approximately a quarter acre.

While the date 1887 appears above the lintel of the front door it is generally assumed that this is the date of a major renovation and not the original date of construction.

The building was renovated by The Hills Shire Council in 2003. 


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