Castle Hill Cultural Centre - Wexford Room


Wexford Room Dimensions: 7m x 7m

Suitable for meeting and conferences.

  • Off street parking
  • Wheelchair access / amenities
  • Air-Conditioning
  • Floor type – carpet



Hall Hire Fees 2020

Saturday & Sunday (minimum 2 hours)- 7am- 8pm
Friday (minimum 2 hours)- 4pm- 10pm
 Casual  $64.50 per hour
 Not-for Profit
 $32.00 per hour
Monday to Thursday (minimum 2 hours)- 7am- 10pm
Friday (minimum 2 hours)- 7am- 4pm
 Casual  $32.00 per hour
 $16.50 per hour



14 Pennant St, Castle Hill 2154  View Map

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