Castle Hill & Sackville Cemeteries

Castle Hill Cemetery


Due to current circumstances and new regulations in regards to the Coronavirus, all funerals at Castle Hill and Sackville cemeteries must be limited to 10 people at any one time with social distancing rules observed.


Castle Hill Cemetery Upgrade

Works will commence in the first half of 2020 as part of Stage One of the Cemetery Masterplan, which aims to provide enhanced amenity and more opportunities for interments. The scope of works planned at the site include:

  • Relocation of the existing columbarium walls;
  • Construction of a contemporary memorial garden facility incorporating new columbarium walls and garden niches;
  • Construction of front fencing to improve identification of the cemetery;
  • Upgrade to the entry gate incorporating pedestrian entrances; and
  • Modification of the existing central avenue to formalise the road way and provide footpath links to Gilbert Road.


Castle Hill Cemetery Adopted Masterplan(PDF, 7MB)

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Castle Hill Cemetery

Castle Hill Cemetery is located on Gilbert Road, Castle Hill - a unique haven located within a tranquil 8.2ha bushland setting.

The Cemetery is managed and controlled by The Hills Shire Council and caters for all types of interments including burials, above ground and ashes.

Castle Hill Cemetery Map(PDF, 4MB)


Castle Hill Plot Location Map

Use this online map to view plot and deceased information.

Castle Hill Plot Location Map.png

Open the Plot Location Map


Council is currently undergoing an upgrade to its web page. Whilst care has been taken in the preparation and provision of information, some data has been inherited by Council or interpreted from very old documentation and may therefore contain some errors or omissions. For any enquiries regarding the online information please contact Council on (02) 9843 0555 or email


Opening Hours

Castle Hill Cemetery gates are open from 7am until 6pm - 7 Days a Week, and from 7am - 8pm during Daylight Saving Time.


Enquiries and Appointments

Note: There is no office located at the cemetery.

All enquiries should be directed to The Hills Shire Council on +61 2 8848 6724 or by visiting Council's Administration Centre at 3 Columbia Court, Norwest 2153. The Administration Centre's opening hours are 8.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday, and an appointment is recommended to ensure that Officers are available to attend to your enquiry.

Alternatively, a Council Officer will arrange to meet individuals and families on site at a mutually convenient time, to assist in selecting resting places for immediate and/or future needs. Funeral arrangements need to be organised through the family's preferred funeral director.


Pricing - Castle Hill Cemetery

Sections Available

  • Crypts (Contact details will be provided)
  • Vaults (Contact details will be provided)
  • Columbarium Wall (Ashes)
  • Burial Plots (new Independent General Section)



Either 2 coffins or up to 4 sets of ashes can be interred in a single burial plot. Plot must be dug to double depth for 2 coffins to be interred. Double depth is not guaranteed and cannot be determined until the time of digging.

The prices below are reviewed annually effective from 1 July each year (All prices include GST).

Lawn Burial Plots*


Monumental/Headstone Sites*


Ash Lawn Burial Sites*


Ash Garden Sites - Not Currently Available


Columbarium Wall Niche Sites* - Not Currently Available


Memorial Wall Sites


Rock Sites (6 ash burials)


Crypt Sites

Single $22,000

Double $42,000

Above Ground Tomb - Single


Above Ground Tomb - Double


Chapel - Level 1

Single $22,000

Double $44,000

Chapel - Level 2

Single $27,000

Double $54,000

Chapel - Level 3

Single $32,000

Double $64,000

Chapel - Level 4

Single  $22,000

Double $44,000

Vault Sites (Land Only) - 4.0m x 4.0m


Installation of Lawn Plaques


Attendance of Interment & Reinstatement of Grave


Attendance and Administration Fee for Interment into Vault, Tomb or Mausoleum


Interment of Ashes


Transfer of Right of Interment


Permit to Erect a Monument


Supply & Install Concrete Sloper


Inscription Fee (lettering on monumental grave, vault or crypt)


Exhumation - Above Ground


Exhumation - Below Ground


*Perpetual Burial Sites

Note: Funeral Directors are responsible for arranging the grave digging service. There is a separate charge for this service which is payable to the grave diggers directly from Family or Funeral Directors.

For further enquiries call The Hills Shire Council on +61 2 8848 6724.


Online Services for Castle Hill Cemetery 

Council’s online system can be used to buy a burial site, book a burial or apply to erect a monument at a time convenient to you, with payment via credit card.

An email confirming receipt and confirmation of your application will be issued upon lodgement.

Please note: the purchase of multiple plots or tombs in a single transaction could exceed daily credit card spending limits - If this happens, please consider purchasing subsequent plots on separate days or increasing your daily credit card limit. Payment can also be made at the Customer Service Centre, 3 Columbia Court Norwest 2153, using cash or cheque.

Use this link to purchase a Burial Plot in Castle Hill Cemetery Online

Application Form - Purchase a Burial Site (Perpetual Interment Right)(PDF, 540KB)


Online Services For Funeral Directors and Monumental Masons

To commence you will need to first register as a user of Council's e-pathway system. It is important to note that the company and contact name registered will automatically become the applicant and the key point of contact for the application. You may wish to consider using an administration email such as, for example, as all correspondence will be sent to this email address.

Form Links

The following forms are for Registered Funeral Directors & Monumental Masons Only (will force login).

Book a Burial in Castle Hill Cemetery

Apply to Erect a Monument in Castle Hill Cemetery


Not Registered?

Register as an e-pathway user here

Please allow up to 4 hours to process your registration - once you receive confirmation of your registration you will be able to login and access all Council’s available online services.



Sackville Cemetery

Sackville Cemetery is located on approximately 2Ha of bushland on Sackville Ferry Road, Sackville North.


Pricing - Sackville Cemetery

Prices are reviewed annually effective from 1 July each year (All prices include GST).

Grave Site*


Attendance of Interment and Reinstatement of Grave


Interment of Ashes


Transfer of Right of Interment


Permit to Erect a Memorial


Supply & Installation of Concrete Sloper & Plaque Placement


Exhumation - Above Ground


Exhumation - Above Ground


*Perpetual Burial Sites

Note: Funeral Directors are responsible for arranging the grave digging service. There is a separate charge for this service which is payable to the grave diggers directly from Family or Funeral Directors.

For further enquiries call The Hills Shire Council on +61 2 8848 6724.



Castle Hill and Sackville Cemeteries - Operating Guidelines

These Operating Guidelines guide the Council, management and staff in the approach taken to the day-to-day operation and management of Castle Hill and Sackville cemeteries.  It is also a reference point for members of the public, seeking guidance in relation to the overarching framework within which The Hills Shire Council makes decisions about cemetery matters.

Castle Hill & Sackville Cemeteries - Operating Guidelines(PDF, 249KB)


Additional Information

For Council to repurchase unused burial plots, it will be dependent on the grave location/accessibilty and will be calculated at 50% of current value or original purchase price whichever is greater.

Plots can only be sold back to Council in accordance with the Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2013 No 105.

Offences relating to conduct in cemeteries Section 70 Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2013 No 105

A person must not, without lawful authority, in a cemetery:

  • (a) disturb or interrupt any service, procession or cortege or
  • (b) inter any human remains or scatter/inter ashes without permission from the grave owner and Council.


All cemetery fees stated on this page are charged for Monday to Friday between the hours of 9.30am and 3.30pm. Other times are by arrangement. After 3.30pm, a late fee of $350 per hour (incl GST) will apply. For weekends and public holidays, the fee is $1,800 (incl GST).

Council does not provide grave digging services. The grave digger must be approved by Council.

Please note, genealogy searches can take between 5-10 working days unless for a request for burial.


Forms and Guidelines

Application for the Erection of a Memorial(PDF, 725KB)

Interment Permit - Castle Hill Cemetery(PDF, 565KB)

Requirement Information & Guidelines for the Construction of a Memorial(PDF, 410KB)

Castle Hill & Sackville Cemeteries - Operating Guidelines(PDF, 249KB)



History of local Cemeteries

Read about the history of Castle Hill Cemetery and other local cemeteries, view some of the the headstones and explore some of the stories that lie behind them - visit the Library's Hills Voices Online Section.


*The works program for Sackville Cemetery available on this page has not been confirmed. Approvals from the Local Aboriginal Land Council and Development Consent are yet to be granted.