Mobile Food Vending & Temporary Food Stalls

The NSW Food Authority defines Mobile Food Vending Vehicles as:

  • Any means of transport, whether self-propelled or not, or otherwise designed to be movable, which is used for selling food, whether on land, sea or air.
  • It includes vehicles used for on-site food preparation (eg hamburgers, hot dogs and kebabs), one-step food preparation (eg popcorn, fairy floss, coffee and squeezing juices), and the sale of any type of food including pre-packaged food.
  • It does not include food vending machines or food transport vehicles.

FAQs - Mobile Food Vending Vehicle(PDF, 1MB)

Before you start your mobile food vending business you will need to address the following matters:



All mobile food vending vehicles are required to be registered with the NSW Food Authority and with the Local Enforcement Agency for the Local Government Area of the vehicle's primary storage location.

Mobile Food Vending Vehicle Online Registration Form

NSW Food Authority Mobile Food Vending Vehicle Guidelines (link to PDF)



Your mobile food vending vehicle will be required to be inspected each financial year. Should any issues be raised during the routine inspection, a re-inspection may be required. Re-inspections have a minimum ½ hour charge and are charged according to Council's Fees and Charges (Hills Shire Plan Part 5).

An Environmental Health Officer will contact you to arrange an inspection of your mobile food vending vehicle. You may be required to bring your mobile food vending vehicle into the Council's offices for inspection.



The sale of food from a mobile food vending vehicle may only take place with the approval of the owner or person in control of the land on which the vehicle is parked.

The use of a vehicle to sell food in a public place that is, land owned or controlled by the Council, requires the prior approval from the Council.

To leave the vehicle in a single place and continually trade from that place will require formal Development Approval for that land use.

Application for approval to trade on public land -  Section 68, Local Government Act, 1993

The Hills Shire Council Local Approvals Policy(PDF, 855KB)


Legal Requirements 

You will need to comply with the following legislation and guidelines:


Temporary food stalls

Temporary Food Stall Notification Form

NSW Food Authority - Guidelines for Food Businesses at Temporary Events (link to PDF)