Fireworks Event

A Pyrotechnician’s or fireworks (single use) licence may be issued to someone wishing to have a fireworks event.

Apply for a Fireworks Licence

Step 1.What You Need to Know

A Pyrotechnician’s or fireworks (single use) licence is issued by WorkCover NSW.

Conditions of that licence include notification to Council of any use of fireworks, distress signals or model rocket propellant device at least 7 working days before the event. 

Please note: Council is not the approval authority, but may object or impose conditions on the proposed use of the fireworks. A fireworks display (or similar) cannot proceed if the objections of any authority (which includes Council, police and fire brigade) have not been resolved.


Step 2.Conditions 

Matters that Council is required to take into consideration include:

  • the appropriateness of the location of the display;
  • the reason for the display;
  • the types of firework that are proposed to be used;
  • the impact on any affected residents and businesses;
  • the impact on animal welfare;
  • public liability issues;
  • noise;
  • pollution;
  • public nuisance;
  • appropriate notification by the applicant to properties neighbouring the proposed display;
  • the proposed procedure for the disposal of spent fireworks;
  • whether appropriate crowd and traffic management issues have been addressed where the display is likely to draw crowds; and
  • any local conditions that Council may consider to be relevant.


Step 3.How to Apply

To apply for a fireworks licence or for more information, click here to visit the SafeWork NSW website.

Additional information can also be obtained from Council's Health and Environment Protection division on +61 2 9843 0555 or email